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Quote: Originally Posted by Ott pics please. despite all the love the brand gets, there don't seem to be too many pictures of the fit around the forums. I agree
Quote: Originally Posted by j Like that they make you look like a kid IMO. How do they make him look like a kid ? I didnt know stacking was just for kids ?
Quote: Originally Posted by drizzt3117 I agree that the back rise is slightly higher on the LDB, but for me the front rise measures at 10.5"/10.5" for both. Is your pair of 5EP raw? No its resin one wash
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug What are "new" members only jackets? And how does that make them hip? Nordstroms was selling members only jackets for $70 last summer when i was in orlando. I'm not a huge fan of stacking, but i also don't think wearing jeans like slacks with casual outfits look good either. I don't think you should get your true slack inseam for jeans. If i got a pair of dress slacks, they'd be 32length, but in jeans i prefer...
Must admit i'm not a fan of stacking and imo it only works with certain jeans (i.e Dior) and on certain body types (i.e long slender legs). I Like my jeans to break slightly if its bootcut and a little more if they're straight / tapered. I guess one extra inch on my true inseam is about right
Quote: Originally Posted by drizzt3117 I have both in 34" and they are both 10.5" rise. Sounds strange. My ldb are a 10.5" front rise / 15" back rise. My ssds are a 10" front rise / 14" back rise. Both are a 30" waist and i think you may want to check your measurements. Thats quite a difference and as i already mentioned in another thread i find the ssds very constricting in the top area and are going to be sold on i think.....
Quote: Originally Posted by drizzt3117 LDB isn't a very high rise jean, and I'm not sure why people keep saying it is. My pair in 34 has the same rise as my SSDS and SDA103, which are both considered low/medium rise. The SDZ is definitely higher rise, something like 11.5, but that's still not very high rise compared to many Japanese repros. I agree with you drizzt about the ldb not being high rise. To me its a mid rise and pretty much...
What style of jeans is best for my body type : 5ft 9 in , 150lbs , 30" waist (at my navel), 31" inseam , 22" thighs , 15" calves , foot size us 8.5 / 9 I tend to buy blindly online so any help here is much appreciated. I'm currently wearing apc ns in a 29" waist (i wouldnt size down more than 1 on these) and ssds. Both seem to look fine but i could do with more in my rotation I forgot i also have 5ep lowdown boot but i have no idea what type of footwear looks good with...
Quote: Originally Posted by Contingency Plan Bona, I washed them as hot as possible - 90°C - which caused the inseam to shrink 1.5"; reducing the bootcut. Other than that, they're unaltered. I've noticed that with pictures i've seen of heavily washed RRDS. They seem to look like more of a straight leg after a few washes. Makes me wonder how my straight svens will look after being washed
Quote: Originally Posted by Bona Drag Just to reiterate, I agree you can't really blame 5EP for a "poor fit". And check out dmaz's LDB Resins in the PPOYD thread - they are bee-yoo-tee-full. The color is richer and more unique than anything I've seen here or on the Future in a while (that reads funny...). Link please
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