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Quote: Originally Posted by Johnny_5 These are raw but not selvage but they do have a nice fit to them. Ignore the denimbar picture. Whats wrong with the denimbar picture out of interest ?
Quote: Originally Posted by drizzt3117 Well the LDB and especially the BOLA aren't really bootcut in a traditional sense. I don't think the LDB has any flare at all from the knee to the ankle, while the BOLA actually tapers I believe. The ankle opening on my pair of 34x32 LDB rigid is just a little above 18". I sold my ldb as the cut was too big for me, but from what i remember they definitely kick out from the knee albeit in a subtle way
Quote: Originally Posted by Stylin-1 I think you've got it backwards. My 5EP's measure 8" knee/8.5" hem, while the KMW's are exactly transposed at 8.5"knee/8" hem. That's why the 5EP are called "Low Down Boots"; they have a subtle boot cut. I was also trying to get my round how a bootcut jean can look tapered in any way
I just recieved a pair of greycast slim jims and i like the difference in color from the brighter indigos but i'm unsure what colors to wear with them ? I'm also slightly put off by the double stitching on the outer seam of the legs. Am i being too picky or does this put anyone else off about slim jims ?
Big fan of adidas originals here. My favourites : Athen, Italia, Hawaii, Gazelle vintage, Universal. Loads more but cant think at the moment
Quote: Originally Posted by jet Chucks look silly with slim jeans Fok. Isn't there a happy medium? Chucks work with slim jims really well, but then they're not tapered. I know where you're coming from though
For me not much works with my apc ns for instance. Even chucks and spring courts look to big with them imo (maybe i just need to get used to the look) The only shoe i've found so far is the classic superga and my trusty adidas italia (like La guy). I will be getting some clarks dessies which may work as well.
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy I think that Chucks have been more popular historically than Purcells for exactly this reason. The Chuck is a considerably more streamlined shoe (personally, I think that it looks good with most things). As for big feet, well, I think that if you are going to wear slim pants, you need a pronounced, noticeable shoe, unless you want to look like a ballerina. I personally always wear footwear that is light colored or...
Quote: Originally Posted by Asch Thanks Drizzt. I like a higher rise and not-too-tight fit in my jeans -- plus I often wear boots -- so the LDB are something I should look into. How does the fit of these compare to that of the RRDS? I've had both and although RRDS has a slightly bigger bootcut they look straighter than the 5ep LDB when on imo.
Definitely Paul smith
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