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I think the ralfs are too big. If i read correctly then it looks like you sized up. Sizing down or maybe buying true to size would give you a better fit with ralfs. The back pockets look to low and they are too loose which makes your legs look shorter. A smaller size will mean you can wear the jeans a bit higher, which combined with the slimmer leg will make you look a bit taller
Quote: Originally Posted by casual lad the enemy!!!!!
Probably look good with reg ralfs ?
There is only one - RRDS
Quote: Originally Posted by SuperBobo of course the denim quality and such is an important factor, but I just dont get why people (and now im not talking about you Krell, since you didnt size down as I understood it), try to get every available brand slim/skinny . If a certain model is cut regular or wide, whats the point of sizing down 3 to get it slim? Its like... "well , these new rockawear jeans looks damn good, and good price aswell. If I size down...
Quote: Originally Posted by SuperBobo I dont really understand the deal with all the praise for Krells slim Okis... if thats the fit everyone wants, why even consider sugarcane? They look too slim (for what they are) imo, and the top block looks a bit off. SuperBobo, can you explain how the top block looks off. Looking at the pics i cant see anything wrong but if you point it out maybe it will become more obvious to me !
Quote: Originally Posted by hahacoo any suggestions on shoes to get to wear w/ new standards? most my jeans are usually just straight leg or bootcut, and ive always worn skateboarding shoes (es, circa, emerica). but the new standards leg opening seems pretty small and when i wear it w/ my skate shoes, it bunches up really weird, like it doesn't really go over the shoes at all, not even in the back. im guessing b/c maybe skate shoes are generally kinda...
Quote: Originally Posted by yeayea im still developing my sense of what a good fit is. is there a web resource of images/descriptions on how mens clothes should fit? interested in both formal and street. How mens clothes should fit is very subjective. You need to get to know your own body type and see what works for you.
Quote: Originally Posted by Saucemaster Both my Ralfs are now tailored--the greycasts have become a true straightleg from the knee down, and the Dry Selvage are actually a little tapered. I haven't worn the DS since I bought my APCs, though. They're kind of unofficially out of the rotation, at least until the New Standards have finished softening up and mostly lost their starchiness. Ok. They look remarkably like my slim jims fit wise which...
Sauce, are those ralfs your tailored pair ?
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