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Still undecided on what size to go for. My waist where my jeans sit measures 32.25" so i guess i should go for a size 31 as 30 maybe a little small ?
Quote: Originally Posted by Lel With the risk of sounding homo-erotically creepy, Sauce I think you have near perfect proportions. How tall are you and how much do you weigh? I believe you mentioned that you had something like a 10 inch drop? Unfortunately I had the bad luck of being born asian, slim and lean long torso but short stubby legs. How do i work out my "drop" measurement ? Sorry not heard this term before.
Quote: Originally Posted by Saucemaster Just compare yesterday's pics to today. Yesterday I was wearing PBJ 005s in size 30, today I'm wearing APC New Standards in size 28. I think a lot of people here just have skinnier legs than I have, which is sort of amusing to think, since before I started working out more seriously I'd never met anyone my age with legs as skinny as mine. Careful with the working out then or you'll be ripping them...
I'm convinced Saucemasters apc's are sized down more than 2. Looks more like 3-4 to me. They are skintight in some areas !
quevola, i had the same problem with my nudie straight sven regarding the wedgie on your ass. Scrap them and find another cut as the back rise is to small for your boy type.
Siz upon a Nudie reg ralfs. Its true these are probably the most universal fit out there.If you size up it'll give you a leg opening of about 19" on a 31" waist
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy To clear up some confusion: I would buy the jeans in the size that fits you normally. They are spec'd to fit out of the box, no washing. However, ime, unless you wash in hot water and dry at high, there is not that much shrinkage. The denim is sanforized denim, so do not expect the same amount of shrinkage you get from brands like Pure Blue Japan or Samurai. You get a maximum of about an inch from the waist and...
Quote: Originally Posted by j Didn't GM say you should order a size up if you plan to ever wash them? I still have a hard time believing they would shrink that much and not stretch back out, but that should definitely be tested. IIRC i think she meant size up from your LDB size. In other words buy true to size and not size down
Versatile = Stan smith
Quote: Originally Posted by pinoy Where should shorts hit? Just above the knee? Depends if you like your knees. My knees are horrible so just below for me
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