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Quote: Originally Posted by denimdestroyedmylife how much does "authenticity" matter to you? the sc's are heavier weight than "the real thing" Not really bothered about "authenticity". More concerned with the fit. I think i've heard the canes drape better as there is less taper. It would seem the canes are a little more forgiving fit wise, again though this is only what ive heard.
To anyone whos tried / owned both which do you prefer and why ? I know the denims supposed to be nicer on the canes. Is it true that the canes are slightly fuller throught the leg that the lvc ?
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy I guess that I can see the part about the pockets being a little too far to the sides. I know that this is just a personal preference, but I'm not a huge fan of Lee repros for precisely this reason. However, the pockets being too low comment is just off. Those back pockets are actually set reasonably high compared to a lot of other jeans back pockets. No one except for Kevin Costner and people who you might suspect...
Quote: Originally Posted by cheapmutha i like traditional, or traditional with a modern twist. id take 501 over nudie any day, but id take my contest sammies over 501 What brands do traditional denim with modern twists. I only know of maybe Sugarcane ?
What is the preference on the forum ? I am finding myself getting into higher rise denim right now like Lvc but i guess it depends on the situation. Slimmish legs and a higher rise seems to make me look taller which is good and obviously they're alot more comfortable than low rise on the hips.
Quote: Originally Posted by gorgekko I know the rule proscribes wearing black with brown but I do it occasionally and I think, if done properly, can look fantastic. That said, what colour are the pants? Casual outfit? And why are you trying to match your shoes to your coat/jacket? Not sure what color pants yet as i have a few to choose from. I am curious though as to whether i should pay attention to matching my shoes with my jacket / coat....
Just for a casual outfit i'd like to know if Dark brown leather footwear would be ok with a black jacket / coat ? Does it matter about matching shoes and jacket / coat in a casual setting ?
Quote: Originally Posted by Coulomb Just got these in today. I think out of the brands I have tried, the Studio D'artisans make the best in terms of craftsmanship and quality. I have tried the 1945 SCs Oki SCs and the bootcut 19oz. Samurias. I think these are the same as the sd-105 but left hand twill ?? In any case please post pics up wearing them as i'm interested in buying these. Is the bootcut subtle or big ?
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy I have a pair of the olive G2s, and while they look good with slim jeans with a slim leg opening (they look good with APC New Standards, for example, and my SC007s), they are not nearly as versatile as Chucks or Jack Purcells, for example. Their extremely low profile makes them really look out of proportion except with the narrowest leg openings, imo. Didnt John Lennon wear his with flares ? Anyway i see...
Just came across these and seem drawn to them. What do you guys think about them and more importantly what would they look good with ?
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