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Quote: Originally Posted by spacemanvt anyone have broke in pics of these? perhaps some washed? and btw. i cant remember... the cut of these is pretty similar to new standards correct? whats the differences? thx Very similar to ns. Bit more room in the top block though and much better denim / construction. I'm still selling my 31's by the way
Some of the Visvim outerwear is superb if you can get it for less than retail. Otherwise what Rye suggested is all good.
Quote: Originally Posted by Maharlika I sized up one. They do stretch but not very much. Sorry sized up one from what ?
Quote: Originally Posted by Maharlika Peacoat- Dolce and Gabbana Sweater- Margiela 10 Denim- Iron Heart 634S Shoes- Margiela Scent- Yatagan by Caron What size are your iron hearts Maharlika ? Hows the stretch on these
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy Take the 32. They do stretch a bit, but I am one size smaller than you (28 in NS, 30 or 29 in 5EP, depending on the cut) and the 30 NdG were really tight to begin with I guess this means they're sized true to tagged size like levis ?
Cheers for the help fellas. Think i'll go with the 33's as i can wear my apc's for a slimmer fit. Maharlika wht was your soak / wash method with that pair so far ? They look like theyve moulded to you nicely
There doesn't appear to be much info on here regarding sizing on the lvc range. I'm looking to buy a pair of 47's online but not sure which size to get. My true waist measures 31" but where my jeans sit it measures just over 32" . I wear a 29 in apc ns slim but comfortable. I plan on soaking the jeans from the start then washing once or twice a year. Which size should i be looking at for a regular fit - 31", 32" or 33" ?
I've just taken delivery of a new pair of new standards. They are tagged 29" waist and i had very little problem buttoning them up on my lower hips about an inch above my ass crack. My measurement here is 34" or 33.5" if i pull the measure tight The thighs are fairly tight and the front pockets are tight so i wouldnt size down anymore. Just wanted to know if this sounds right to the apc experts here as i thought i wouldnt be able to button them that low from the start.
Quote: Originally Posted by lance konami Boxer briefs. Especially with slimmer fitting jeans. I wear boxers with trousers or to sleep in. Briefs are too gay. I agree, however i need to find some boxer briefs that dont constantly ride up my legs when i sit down
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy Hmmm, you may want to go with a 31 then. I can hook you up. Thanks. I'll pm you
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