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How would a tailor typically shorten sleeve length on a shirt
How exactly do you guys define "technical outerwear". I mean something with a really modern cut but uses a goretex layer for instance, would that be described as technical or a fashion piece ? Where do you draw the line ?
Price reduced to $175 before ebay
If you want a slim parka with excellent construction and details then try and hunt down the visvim packable townsend. Its goretex and also very lightweight. The cut is slim and modern. Its a couple of years old now but they crop up on jp yahoo from time to time
32/34 Is Sold
I have 2 pairs of these for sale both new with tags in sizes 32/34 and 36/34. These are the "flame selvedge" version of straight sven which is the same denim nudie used for the limited edition svenska. Price is $190 including shipping and paypal fees. Measurements taken with jeans laying flat : 36/34 waist measured across back and doubled : 36" ...
Quote: Originally Posted by bici sharp service rocks. i recently ordered from there and everything went smoothly. Hide @ Sharp is awesome. great communication from beginning to end. I concur. Sharpservice is your best bet for service and low fees.
So how much stretching have people experienced with these in the waist ? I'd say mine have stretched just slightly over an inch.
Quote: Originally Posted by Serg I'd say the LVC looks the best. They just really need to be hemmed. Slightly fuller leg is best for super skinny guys. I agree. Sd-103 also look pretty good. Most of the others look really tight across the butt though
Quote: Originally Posted by spacemanvt anyone have broke in pics of these? perhaps some washed? and btw. i cant remember... the cut of these is pretty similar to new standards correct? whats the differences? thx Very similar to ns. Bit more room in the top block though and much better denim / construction. I'm still selling my 31's by the way
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