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The slip ons look great. Not keen on the sk8 hi.
Yeah the quality with Buttero is pretty good. Better than Vans for sure.
Nothing at that price point. Nike etc for slightly more expensive
They did some mens vests in the mesh fabric last summer which i preferred to the silky stuff.
They look a couple of inches too short to me and a little awkward fitting. I have 2 pairs of EG sweatpants from previous seasons which are borderline too short on me after washing a few times. I'm 5ft 8".
Who makes them ? I mean they're probably better made than vans. The suede looks good.
I like these.
I prefer the blue.
Looking for the navy french twill work shirt in large if anyone can help.
I plan on buying some spring courts in white and black but cant decide between the lo and mid. which one would you guys go for and why ? Would the mid top look cleaner with jeans and the lo with shorts ?
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