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I plan on buying some spring courts in white and black but cant decide between the lo and mid. which one would you guys go for and why ? Would the mid top look cleaner with jeans and the lo with shorts ?
How would a tailor typically shorten sleeve length on a shirt
How exactly do you guys define "technical outerwear". I mean something with a really modern cut but uses a goretex layer for instance, would that be described as technical or a fashion piece ? Where do you draw the line ?
Price reduced to $175 before ebay
If you want a slim parka with excellent construction and details then try and hunt down the visvim packable townsend. Its goretex and also very lightweight. The cut is slim and modern. Its a couple of years old now but they crop up on jp yahoo from time to time
32/34 Is Sold
I have 2 pairs of these for sale both new with tags in sizes 32/34 and 36/34. These are the "flame selvedge" version of straight sven which is the same denim nudie used for the limited edition svenska. Price is $190 including shipping and paypal fees. Measurements taken with jeans laying flat : 36/34 waist measured across back and doubled : 36" ...
Quote: Originally Posted by bici sharp service rocks. i recently ordered from there and everything went smoothly. Hide @ Sharp is awesome. great communication from beginning to end. I concur. Sharpservice is your best bet for service and low fees.
So how much stretching have people experienced with these in the waist ? I'd say mine have stretched just slightly over an inch.
Quote: Originally Posted by Serg I'd say the LVC looks the best. They just really need to be hemmed. Slightly fuller leg is best for super skinny guys. I agree. Sd-103 also look pretty good. Most of the others look really tight across the butt though
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