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I feel your pain,Had some serious back pain a few year ago when hitting my thirties.An MRI showed that I had a slipped disc between L5/L4, apparently one of the most common, if not the most common, back injuries according to my back doctor.It was pure hell and agony for the first 3 weeks, had to crawl to the bathroom, could sit down on the throne, thank god, but with severe pain. But couldn’t sit down otherwise at all, had to stand or lie down flat.Took around 6 months of...
The question in the end is, do these things sell at these prices? And if they do, who buys them?
Don't really get 1st Dibs. Prices are ridiculous. Or how about a ikea stool for 400 dollars, reduced from 600!? http://www.1stdibs.com/furniture/seating/stools/famous-vintage-alvar-aalto-stool/id-f_952254/ 100% sure it isn't Aalto/Artek according to the pictures.
Been keeping an eye on that thread on and off. I really like the dixon bird, but it won't be suitable in our livingroom. Wouldn't mind one in the bedroom though, looks like it could be a lot of fun there The LC3 with down cushions is another one I really like, but not sure the room can take the visual impact (it feels very big and clumsy visually). But maybe one of the newer LC2's in colour and fabric could be an option. But ideally I would like to have a chair where I can...
Looking at lounge chair options at the moment,I have always wanted a Bertoia bird chair, but it is not a favourite with the wife. Like most people she doesn't find it comfortable, whereas I find it very much so.
Cappellini Elan by Jasper Morrison. It was designed in 1999, pretty sure that it has inspired a few ikea designs over the years. What catches your interest?
Had mine delivered last week.Have been away over the weekend so I am sitting down properly in it for the first time as I write this. Pretty amazed that something so sleek can be so comfortable.
Sorry if I upset you guys No, not Romanian, and not Canadian either (never said I was). This was in my backpacking youth, a few months before the cavity search inducing events of 9/11. Could be that I got scammed by border control, but more likely the fee was there to finance the border crossing through stupid tourists (like myself) walking across the border rather than through tax payer money. Don't believe the fee applied to Canadians/US-citizens.
Remember entering New York State on foot from Canada years and years ago and having to pay a fee for getting my passport stamped, my first thought was: "America the land where nothing is free."A thought that was validated a few minutes later when I went to withdraw some American pesos from an ATM and had to pay a fee for using an ATM for the first time in my life.
Guess that's probably the best explanation.
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