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Love the machined surface of that anvil. But I still don't get the carpet in your workshop.
I'm a big fan of Claesson Koivisto Rune, I really like the Continental chairs, the continental sofa is not too bad either. CKR's boxplay sofa for Swedese is quite cool too, first saw it in the lobby of the Nobis hotel in Stockholm, that CKR designed the interiors for from top to bottom, a really nicely done hotel that I can recommend if you ever find yourself in Stockholm.
We considered Kashmir for our kitchen remodel, but decided against it in the end. I find the Kashmir granites always a bit disappointing in real life. They look good in pictures, but are always too yellowish or brownish to work as a replacement for marble in more minimalist settings. I have also heard that the lighter granites can be prone to staining especially with matte honed surfaces, but haven't tested this out for myself. Also considered all the...
We ended up installing underfloor heating in our bathrooms and not under the oak floors we installed, which I regret on every single day when it is cold outdoors.Fuck on a cold winters day, once you go into the bathrooms you don't wanna come out, it is just amazing.
Heard of underfloor heating? Polished concrete with underfloor heating would make for the best floor ever. Tried to lobby for this as an alternative when we did our remodel, but my wife insisted on oak.
Saw all the love for Band of Brothers earlier in the thread, and thought that I would recommend the German miniseries "Unsere Mütter, unsere Väter" for those that liked BoB. It looks at the war from different perspective, it's maybe not as great as BoB, but still defenitely worth watching.
Care to share the name of the Danish one you like?thanks!
I feel your pain,Had some serious back pain a few year ago when hitting my thirties.An MRI showed that I had a slipped disc between L5/L4, apparently one of the most common, if not the most common, back injuries according to my back doctor.It was pure hell and agony for the first 3 weeks, had to crawl to the bathroom, could sit down on the throne, thank god, but with severe pain. But couldn’t sit down otherwise at all, had to stand or lie down flat.Took around 6 months of...
The question in the end is, do these things sell at these prices? And if they do, who buys them?
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