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Those are very, very nice indeed. I have a pair of Cheaney's in Zug that I love, and I can second you on the fact that they are very hard wearing and mine still look nice after a lot of abuse.Will definitely keep an eye out for a pair of Stow's in Zug.
Most of the G.O.D. furniture is adapted to tiny Hong Kong apartments. Some of the stuff i pretty cool, but quality is mediocre at best.
The picture isn't bad, but the frame is on a different level. Very nice work.
Pretty sure it was a joke.Also the few signs that were posted were hand written.So maybe it was 20 laps for the danes then?
They could start with the using signs they used to have in Swedish roundabouts for the summer holidays and the Norwegian invasion (Norway is one of the few countries with worse summer weather than Sweden): "Norwegians maximum five laps" not sure how many laps the Danes were allowed, maybe ten?
Yeah these are fantastic. Definitely on my list as well.
Anyone have a good source for the thicker waxed laces used on Tricker's boots, preferably in UK/EU?
Love the machined surface of that anvil. But I still don't get the carpet in your workshop.
I'm a big fan of Claesson Koivisto Rune, I really like the Continental chairs, the continental sofa is not too bad either. CKR's boxplay sofa for Swedese is quite cool too, first saw it in the lobby of the Nobis hotel in Stockholm, that CKR designed the interiors for from top to bottom, a really nicely done hotel that I can recommend if you ever find yourself in Stockholm.
New Posts  All Forums: