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Yeah, 7 years, so effing annoyed. But still couln't myself buying anything else but Miele.
Would second Miele, just love our Miele dishwasher. We had a couple of Bosch dishwashers at my previous place of work, but the perceived level of quality compared to Miele was much lower, even if the Bosch had the same three rack configuration as Miele has it wasn't the same.That said, our Miele DW died last summer after just 7 years, but when it came to replacing it I had no doubts about replacing it with a new Miele.Also, Miele owns Gaggenau.
Sure Ikea has done a lot of Aalto knock offs through the years, but it is quite amazing how easy it is to get something so simple so wrong, and how small changes to the design can make something so much less comfortable and so awkward compared to the original.I have to admit that I'm a big Aalto fan and own quite a few Aalto pieces, both new and vintage, mostly vintage as I love the patina of the older pieces. I love how simple and unassuming, yet beautiful the design of...
Pretty amazing collection, am I correct in counting 30 pairs?
Found it a bit too soft for such a low sofa, was expecting a bit firmer construction. Not sure, maybe it is just me getting a bit old for such a low sofa.
Dux that manufactures the jetson 69 model sells replacements kits for the leather parts. The cost for a complete set is close to what you pay for a new chair though.
Looking to buy one or two lounge chairs in the near future. Not sure what to get though. No knock-off Eames lougers or La Z boys obviously. Been lusting for a Bertoia Bird chair and a Bruno Mathsson Jetson But I can't make my mind up and would like some suggestions for comfortable, yet stylish lougers.
We have a Fritz Hansen Alphabet by Piero Lissoni that is similar to this. It is quite nice when it comes to comfort and the selection of fabrics was great. Not sure about US pricing, but ours was not much more expensive than a Bo concept of similar size, but with much better materials and fabrics.Sat in a Hay Mags the other day, and found it a bit disappoiting and a tad too low.One of my fave sofas at the moment is the Muuto rest, nice selection of Kvadrat fabrics, and at...
Good catch!I have had the Superboot i dark brown waxy suede on Gumlite for close to a year and they are amazingly comfortable, and look better now than they did when new.
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