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I would move Hermes from Tier 1 to Tier 2 which shows how subjective this list would really be.
I just did it and its taking 60 days.
Quote: Originally Posted by djh Nice! I've never been able to make my Samurai's stand up.. but I guess they're the lowly 17oz version.. They would only stand on their own for about the first week.
Samurai s5000vx 21oz
Quote: Originally Posted by G79 Just recieved my tie - excellent as always. Thank you Thank you G79 and I hope you enjoy it. Deep Red Paisley Sold Pending Payment
Quote: Originally Posted by wpeters I just received the Silver Basket - beautiful tie! I'm glad to hear you got the tie and that you're happy with it.
Soft Squares on Deep Red Sold
Quote: Originally Posted by Cornellian You could bespeak one together at April in Paris +1
Not so much a critique of the suit but wheres your tie...I mean come on you just got done blowing up a building and your PS is perfect but you needed to take of your tie to do the job...thats not very James Bond like IMO.
Yes im sure, I keep wishing they were as I could have sold them several times now, of course if they were I would have kept them for myself
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