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The Oxxford is sold
Quote: Originally Posted by NorCal_1 just ordered my first suit a week ago: Neopolitan shoulders with almost no padding, 3 roll 2.5, medium grey flannel (woolen as opposed to worsted) wool ~300 g, flap pockets/w ticket pocket, flat front pants that taper down like Cucinelli's, lots of waist suppresion, 2 inch cuffs on the pants, double vented in back. Should be spectacular and the epitome of the grey flanel suit February delivery with pics to follow...
Both are Sold, Thank you 1) Sold 42L Oxxford Renaissance XXX, 75% Wool 25% Cashmere, 1/4 lined, 2 button, dual vented. BOC Length - 31.5 Chest - 22.5 Shoulders - 19.5 Sleeve Length - 25 2) Sold 42R Canali, 50% Silk 50% Cashmere, 3 button, unvented. BOC Length - 30.5 Chest - 22.5 Shoulders - 19.5 Sleeve Length - 25.25
Everything is gone
Quote: Originally Posted by Douglas Why is this a virtue? It isn't...its a very poor joke
Quote: Originally Posted by DrZRM Ok, where do you get Samurais? I like the looks of those a lot, but it seems like if you buy them in the US they have their red tag, and archs removed (due to a Levis lawsuit). Where and how much? I got them from The price depends on which pair you want. They dont speak any English so if you dont speak Japanese you are gonna need to use the google translator and really basic language. They only...
Blue Basket & Red Basket are both Sold.
Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff dont start off with samurais and sugar canes I started off with a pair of samurai so500xx for my first pair of quality denim after checking out the different denim pics posted on SUFU and couldn't be happier. I recently picked up a pair of samurai s5000vx 21oz that I really like and should last a lifetime. The best part is they stand on their own... Quote: Originally Posted by Mr...
My s5000vx 21 oz are my favorite pair of the two pair I have had.
Burgundy or a very dark Navy
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