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Quote: Originally Posted by savvyibd You want me to cut them apart, or simply pull them at the end of the tie apart so you can see inside at the folds? Just splay them open like this. As a side note this is a dual lined self tipped 6-Fold that my Italian tie maker in Napoli calls a 7-fold. No need to destroy a functional piece of art.
Quote: Originally Posted by savvyibd Unlined, I don't think so. But I have some Kiton's I could take a photo of open if you want to see.. If you have some please post them. When I talked to a few tie makers in Italy my impression was that they consider lined 6-folds to be 7-folds. Most neckties I have seen from the Italian makers like Borrelli, Kiton, and Isaia are really lined 6-folds. (Attolini being one of the exceptions.) My neckties are...
Quote: Originally Posted by rkbedel FS: Enrico Isaia 44 long 100% cashmere solid black sports/car coat. Dual side vents, Napoli cut, soft shoulders, patched pockets and elbows with a 3 buttons to a rolled 2nd. Retail: $3000 asking $325 obo. Jacket Measurements: shoulders: 20'' Chest: 46.5'' Sleeve: 27'' If anyone has any question regarding this piece, or any others please do not hesitate to e-mail me at Thank you for looking...
Sold, Thank you
If anyone managed to pick up any RLBL suits in a 40R that dont work out please let me know.
I dont manufacture my neckties here in the states but most of the mills in Lake Como, Italy have someone on staff who speaks english and can weave or print any of your designs. Most of the mills I have worked with there have a minimum run of 20 yeards of each design. So depending on what construction method you are going to use will determine how many ties you will get out of that. After I have the silk woven I send it off to a tailor I found in Napoli, Italy to hand cut...
Title pretty much says it all. I am looking for a RLBL in a 40R in solid navy or charcoal.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mildly Consumptive Around a brazillion dollars. How many is a brazillion?
PM sent
I would be willing to donate a Napoli Coast 7-Fold Necktie as a raffle prize.
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