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Quote: Originally Posted by mikej77 Let me know if you ever have this suit in a 42R. If I see one I will let you know.
sorry that was a typo, should be 19
Quote: Originally Posted by Spatlese I think the question came up in your previous thread, but just to confirm, the trousers are pleated, correct? It's a great looking suit. Yes they are double pleated. It really is a very nice suit, I have the same one in navy which I love.
This beautiful 3 button full canvas construction Gray Flannel suit from Belvest is available once again. The previously interested party never paid up so here it is. All the measurements, details, and pics are below. If you have any questions let me know. I purchased this suit for myself but I really need a 38R so I am letting it go here for Sold JACKET MEASUREMENTS It is tagged as a 50EU and measures out to about a 40R Chest: 43" Across the chest, doubled. Waist:...
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan Peering inside your brain is one of the most valuable experiences one can have on this forum. +1000. Its also why I enjoy making the 4 hour drive up to Chicago to see him.
There were quite a few posts I remember really liking this year but im too lazy to find them all so here are a few. Quote: Originally Posted by Manton @#%$ it's cold out today. Vest: Not pictured: BB RTW camel hair polo from my college dayz, Dent brown shearling lamb gloves, blue Drake cashmere scarf, Russian winter hat (I look like a total idiot in this, but it keeps my ears attached to my head). EDIT: The shirt is royal oxford, the...
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria Hah! I have more, and hope to add one of yours at some point. The untipped wool Kiton with the handkerchief edges is fairly recent...maybe a year or two. - B Well if you haven't bought a raffle ticket for the Make-A-Wish charity raffle yet pick one up and you could possibly win one for cheap (Shameless Charity Promotion)
Quote: Originally Posted by savvyibd Not doubting anybody. I know next to nothing on sartorial elegance. Like I said, I'm trying to find my place. The learning never stops or at least it shouldnt. I didnt think Kiton had made any true 7-folds as my tie maker called the lined 6-fold pattern I sent her a 7-fold and she had worked for Kiton in the past. Thats why I was interested in knowing how old Voxs tie was.
Quote: Originally Posted by savvyibd Sample (note the thread - BG has to move the holder for me up a bit due to my height; if that makes a difference, I can look to see if I have some non-modified): Un: Deux: That is a 6-fold
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria No need...I posted photographs of the two types of Kitons that I have seen in another thread. If yours differs, though, it would be great if you did take a photograph. - B I should have looked closer at the brands you listed in the thread. It really is the complete guide afterall. I apologize if you mentioned this in the other thread but any idea of the age of the unique Kiton?
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