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Quote: Originally Posted by knittieguy Try the Pratt-Shelby (or Shelby-Pratt, I can never remember the order). The knot doesn't twist during the day like the four-in-hand, and has the appealing symmetry of the Windsor and half-windsor. But the Pratt doesn't have the bulk of the Windsor that some people consider arrogant and "caddish," and for some reason results in a much better dimple than the half-windsor. +1
all sold
Are these still available?
I really like Incotex so my opinion might be biased but I like the slimmer cut and find them to be of a high quality construction for OTR. I have bought them at full retail before when I really liked the fabric but most of them (15 of them in the end to be exact) were acquired during the previous Incotex frenzy on the sales forum.
If I could start over knowing what I know now I wouldnt have wasted so much money on RTW brands. I made the mistake of thinking that OTR Zegna and Brioni were the best to be had even though I had someone knowledgeable telling me otherwise. Then to make things worse I started trying to bargain hunt for these brands. I ended up with quite a few suits that I didnt like or didnt fit very well because of this. I also would have considered the fit of the suit before the fabric....
IMO, Handmade = made by hand with the assistance of a sewing machine on some or all seams. The machine is controlled by the maker and not by an automated system. Hand Sewn = sewn by hand with a needle and thread no machines. As mentioned above hand sewing is not always best. Even though its the most labor intensive and requires quite a bit of skill to do well it may not hold up as well as a machine stitch. Depending on what is being made a combination of hand sewing and...
Quote: Originally Posted by KObalto Filene's Basement sent me an announcement stating they were having a major "designer" event starting today and sent me a card good for an extra 10% off. I stopped in the downtown Baltimore location at lunch. Dozens of Brioni and Borreli shirts with a couple Kitons thrown in, sizes from 15 1/2 to 17, mostly for $150 and 20 or so. Brioni sportcoats, mostly in the 40-44 range for $800 to $1300. Some outerwear as well. None...
I think this outfit would look best on Cheney...
Its quite like it...its unique but still very wearable.
Final Price Drop - $140 Shipped CONUS
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