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Lightly used Samurai S0500xx jeans for sale. These have been hot soaked twice and washed once. I have probably wore them 15 or 20 times. These have not been broken in as they were too big for me. $150 Shipped OBO Measurements BiG: Waist: 35 Front Rise: 11 Back Rise: 15.5 Thigh: 13 Hem: 8.75
Quote: Originally Posted by iheartangels Is the picture an accurate reflection of the color, or is it more brown in person? In very bright light its more brown but the color in the pic is very close for indoor lighting.
42R Ermenegildo Zegna, Single Breasted, 3 roll to 2 Button, Charcoal Brown Wool & Cashmere Flannel. The trousers are double pleated with cuffs. Sold Chest: 22” Shoulders: 19.5” Bottom of collar length: 30.5” Sleeves: 24.5” Trouser waist and room to let out: 35”, appx. 2.5” to let Trouser inseam and room to extend: 31”, appx. 1” to let
Quote: Originally Posted by UserNameToronto Q: How do you spot a cheap tie? (Assume it's in good condition, with a reasonably nice pattern/color). Generally speaking a cheaper necktie will use an acetate tipping, a label in place of a tie keeper, a single layer synthetic lining, and will lack a bar tack stitch at each end of the necktie. It will also likely use a printed design instead of a woven design but this is not always the case as...
There are a few things to look for when looking for quality in a necktie. One thing to look for is a slip stitch loop at the tail of the necktie. Another stitch to look for is the bar tack stitch. It's a much more durable stitch than is commonly used and the higher it is the better in general. You can see both the bar tack and slip stitch loop in the pic I have included below. Also as mentioned in a post above you should check to see if its self tipped and looped. Another...
Its already been said but I have to agree that browns and blues are best with pink. My personal favorite being a solid textured dark navy like this... Nicely Done! Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Potato I did a pink with brown tie just yesterday.
I think it looks pretty good. The only thing I really dont like about it is the collar point length. I think you should go a little longer with the collar point length and the shirt will look more balanced if that makes any sense.
Now that the cooler weather is moving in I have been wearing jeans and sport coats quite a bit. I usually mix raw denim with brown sport coats of various patterns and blue OCBD. I also like to wear boots with jeans which is probably why I have been thinking about getting a pair of RM Williams Craftsman boots. Now if I just knew what size to order.
Quote: Originally Posted by kaxixi Wow, I really like this one: I have to agree...its one of the better looking ensembles I have seen on the blog.
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