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Quote: Originally Posted by Steven Aver Update: Got my pair of black pebble grain chukkas today. They are indeed C&J and are on the boot version of the 318 last, which happens to be the same last as some of the other clearance shoes are on (Plain toe blucher in brown which I also own). I am very happy with the boots, but as a warning for anyone not familiar with this last it runs a tad narrow and small. I am a size 9 us and the 9.5 fits me...
I dont know if this will link directly to it but I thought I would try...let me know if it works http://www.brooksbrothers.com/catalo...FallBasicsBook
Quote: Originally Posted by BABuckeye Doc, thanks for the discount code! +1 I was going to order pair of craftsman from rm williams but I think I am gonna go with these for now.
Quote: Originally Posted by deaddog I seem to recall that Zegna uses a letter designation to show where the fabric stands in the heirarchy, with the closer to "Z" being better fabric (if I'm wrong, I'm sure somebody will correct me immediately ) Can you spot the single letter on the label and tell us what it is? Thx I dont know if that is true but the wool/cashmere flannel fabric on this suit is pretty nice.
I would call it a 3/2.5 roll
Price Reduction $140 Shipped Conus
Price reduction $110 Shipped CONUS
Price reduction $130 Shipped CONUS
Quote: Originally Posted by antirabbit is it double vented? How strong are the shoulders? The suit is unvented. Quote: Originally Posted by binge And which model is indicated on the tag? Romano, Milano, "Romano fit", something else? The model isnt listed on the inside tag but I did forget to mention that it is 90% wool 10% cashmere. Quote: Originally Posted by cksnipe I am also curious as...
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