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Agreed, best is to save and buy the original as most replicas suck. Best one I've seen is from Room and Board but its still up there in price... Not sure if they'll ship to the UK.
Hi, are the jil sander shoes still available? Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by David Reeves It can be done at a size down. After that your going to run into problems like the pockets being too big, the armhole too big (this can't really be fixed) pockets on trousers close together. I suppose it depends on how particular you are. Having said that it's going to be an expensive and extensive alteration. Your looking at sleeves, every side seam, narrowing the shoulders, taking in the underarm cut, shortening...
Quote: Originally Posted by David Reeves Forget about it. I've literally called every recommended NYC tailor and none have hesitated on saying yes. Could you please explain why this would not be possible? Thank you.
Quote: Originally Posted by FlaneurNYC Six sizes down? They're going to have to do some magic recutting. I say sell it and buy a suit that more closely fits your actual size. Well, the reason I bought the suit is because of the print on the fabric. Buying another suit is not really an alternative. Wouldn't it just be 3 sizes down?
I'm trying to find a good NYC tailor to reduce a Jil Sander suit from a 52 european down to a 46. I called Wilfred's and they said no problem. How realistically could this alteration be made without ruining the suit? Thanks
nice jacket! free bump
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