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Gray herringbone might work. Its a look i do in slower days at the office in the summer when im too bored to really try. Solid but a bit "beh"
So if one was in Naples this coming October could a visit be arranged?
Well I'll answer that even though its years after the initial thread. I'm living in Cyprus where SH shirts are made (when u order in the UK the order gets faxed/emailed to Cyprus for cutting and tailoring). The shirts are extremely good value (especially if you order them here where they're only Eur 60 for MTM. Good construction, nice fit and Stephan (who now resides here) is a pleasure to work with. I've actually ordered two for my upcoming wedding. I'll try to post...
RDiaz u mean http://www.giorgio-napoli.com/?
I know but im goin in october so it should be fine. Any ideas for the wife?
Just before me then (24-28) so u let me know what u find there!
EdJagger thanks for the info. What about shirtmakers? Tiemakers other than marinella, capelli? Rdiaz when ru going?
I'm going to Milan and Napoli (2-3 Milan and 3-4 days Napoli) as a short honey moon (the real one will be in Bora Bora next summer) and I need advice for places to visit (sartorially) mostly in Napoli although any Milano places are also welcome. I've seen the various threads but most are old. I intent to visit cappeli, marinella and cacciopoli but what other tie and shirt places do you propose? Any chance I could get bespoke shirts done in 3-4 days? On a final slightly...
Wish u guys all the best! Subscribed
Just ordered two more hobers, a bitter chocolate piccola and the pow plaid. This time ill post pics. I must say David had the best customer service I've seen in quite some time. Always happy and impressed to do business with him
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