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I'm going to Milan and Napoli (2-3 Milan and 3-4 days Napoli) as a short honey moon (the real one will be in Bora Bora next summer) and I need advice for places to visit (sartorially) mostly in Napoli although any Milano places are also welcome. I've seen the various threads but most are old. I intent to visit cappeli, marinella and cacciopoli but what other tie and shirt places do you propose? Any chance I could get bespoke shirts done in 3-4 days? On a final slightly...
Wish u guys all the best! Subscribed
Just ordered two more hobers, a bitter chocolate piccola and the pow plaid. This time ill post pics. I must say David had the best customer service I've seen in quite some time. Always happy and impressed to do business with him
Although I've answered no, I might buy something like gym clothes with polyester content but definitely nothing formal or semiformal.
Very nice! I gotta have one of those
Anyone have charcoal grey grenadine grossa (20) or grey piccolo (13)? Pictures would help a lot, thanks!
Just received my first hober tie a garza grossa grey/silver as well as some grenadine swatches. The tie is great! Haven't worn it yet but visually it's lovely (though a bit lighter colored than I thought). I'll post pictures later
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