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You're right achibald not the same tie but my point stands. I also agree that if they didn't have the extra stripes they'd probably look better
Would I be too much of a SF pariah if I said I don't really care for that tie? Not the look tdude but the actual tie. I know it's a SF favourite but I really don't like stripes on grenadines. Plain perfect, dots sometimes works out but stripes I think there's too much going on with the stripes and the grenadine weave
I would say the one on the right in both front and back
Wow my picture is really bad, sorry bout that people, ill do better next time
Hober bitter chocate piccola
Both lapels look too skinny for me. Especially with the chalk stripe
Thanks sticth. The plaid is a tad brighter n the bitter a bit darker than i thought but great anyhow
As promised pictures of my two new hobers garza piccola bitter chocolate and pow plaid[IMG]
Just received 2 hobers: bitter chocolate piccola grenadine and pow check. Pics to follow
Even the gray herringbone might work. It's technically ok but I'm not a big fan (although again I do it from time to time)
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