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Thanks derm, it was a great trip, I'll post the florence part soon as well as a pic of all the acquisitions. Good catch but lotsa money spent (plus my wife spent more or less the same amount) but I guess a honeymoon is worth it right?
This is a joke right?
Actually if its a gold watch u want then the gold alone will cost a couple thousand
More Finamore Rubinacci Caccioppoli Attollini
On to Naples which is truly a Mecca of menswear and pizza! We stayed at the Romeo across the port. Pricey but well worth it. Naples is busy,dirty and truly alive. Being Greek I felt right at home with all the honking! the yelling and the traffic. I went by Finamore but didn't get anything as I'm pretty covered shirt-wise but I did get some pictures Finamore is just between Rubinacci and Marinella so I proceeded to Marinella, found the small tie shop and asked them to...
Here's the Mlanese tally (brown trousers are twill not flannel and jacket is still darker)
Italian honey moon and shopping spree for both me and the missus. I'll keep this post on the #menswear part. Three cities three different experiences but excellent all in all. Problem is, now I'm hooked to Italy and I have to keep coming back. Anyway started in Mlian which was probably more interesting for my wife than me but I did get a blue-grey cashmere tie from Doriani Saw some other interesting shops like M. Bardelli Sartoria Rossi was also interesting and...
You're right achibald not the same tie but my point stands. I also agree that if they didn't have the extra stripes they'd probably look better
Would I be too much of a SF pariah if I said I don't really care for that tie? Not the look tdude but the actual tie. I know it's a SF favourite but I really don't like stripes on grenadines. Plain perfect, dots sometimes works out but stripes I think there's too much going on with the stripes and the grenadine weave
I would say the one on the right in both front and back
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