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These look great. Still wouldn't probably choose them but I can appreciate them for beauty and quality
nope, dont like it
just personal opinion but I dont really like wholecuts. Actually its not that I dont like them, they just dont quite fit in my shoe image, not sure how to explain it. I'm sure they can look great on some people. However for these particular ones I must agree that I dont like the punched holes. Too many? too big?
I got great trousers in Milan 3 for €190 (that was a special offer though for the store's 40 years). You can find great buys in italy for great prices but obviously getting there is a cost (plus you're definately gonna spend some serious funds for the excellent italian food etc). My recent trip to italy (check my thread) resulted in some great buys but overall i sent a lot of money
Italy does offer great choice (especially for ready made) but if you're just going to get trousers that might be a bit much eh? Good food though...
Part 3 Firenze Florence is one of the most beautiful cities in the world with great museums, lovely architecture, excellent food. I was mostly done with my shopping by the time I got to Florence but I did manage to fit it a pair of unlined peccary Madova gloves and a pair of Church's shoes (please no Prada grief, I liked them and I think I'm going to enjoy them) And here's the whole lot of buys
Thanks derm, it was a great trip, I'll post the florence part soon as well as a pic of all the acquisitions. Good catch but lotsa money spent (plus my wife spent more or less the same amount) but I guess a honeymoon is worth it right?
This is a joke right?
Actually if its a gold watch u want then the gold alone will cost a couple thousand
More Finamore Rubinacci Caccioppoli Attollini
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