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Lets see 1Navy hopsack Mid gray flannel Black n white birdseye Airforce blue flannel Charcoal worsted 2 Gray worsted Gray pow Blue pow Light gray fishbone Gray pinstripes 2 Black worsted Taupe worsted Navy pinstripe Brown pinstripe Thats 16? I think Plus 6-7 sport coats and odd trousers
Sorry to say i dont like the suit / shirt combo (tie is great and probably the one tie that could bring the two together but still doesnt do it for me)
Not a very good picture but my 2 cents on the similar toned suit n tie (tie is cashmere Doriani and suit is bespoke zegna 10oz fabric). Both look slightly darker IRL
There was a very nice dark green with white dots sqaure in Marinella in Naples when i was there last week. Wanting a green square i went for a print from Rubinacci but i wonder if i should have (also) gotten the marinella one
Me too but they still look busy
Yeah cyprus can be like that, too informal. The scorching heat helps too.... Limassol is a bit more formal or at least fashionable. Shoulder season lasts 10 months here. Or rather it lasts 4 months and the other six are summer (real, in your face, burn your lungs 40 celsius summer too!)
Looks too busy to me
These look great. Still wouldn't probably choose them but I can appreciate them for beauty and quality
nope, dont like it
just personal opinion but I dont really like wholecuts. Actually its not that I dont like them, they just dont quite fit in my shoe image, not sure how to explain it. I'm sure they can look great on some people. However for these particular ones I must agree that I dont like the punched holes. Too many? too big?
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