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Its official: i dont like stripes! Any stripe on a tie puts me off. Dont know why, wasnt always like this. I actually have a few stripes but cant wear them any more. I like them on the hanger but when i put them on.... anyway, anyone seen the Berg & Berg massdrop? Thoughts? I like the two grey ones but im not sure about the lighting and acutal shades.
Anyone tried Embassy of Ellegance yet? Their prices look very good plus the fact that they're EU means much lower shipping costs for me and no import tax (hobers come up to eur110 all included for a 4 fold self tipped grenadine but with EE it seems that i can get a 3 fold untipped for 80 eur or a six fold for 100eur). But any previous experiences with them would be appreciated
Both the selection and the quality of fabrics it's just fine by me (ok maybe I would have liked a bit more variety but mostly to sate my curiosity as im generally rather conservative with dress shirts. I don't know if its the same fabrics they offer in the UK though. Collar options I seem to remember 4-5 but again as I'm rather conservative there as well im not sure. I've done 2-3 shirts of their semi-spread and a button down I ordered for my brother. I actually want to...
I actually live in Cyprus where Stephan is from, where the original workshop was and still is and where he moved back a few years ago. I've been using him for 3-4 years and he's great especially for the price! 60 Eur I think for something between mtn and bespoke. (No fitting but more than 7-8 measurements plus he gets better one the second shirt
You mean the price is dropped by 100 or is 100?
You can decide on the length (very important)' width (less important unless u are very particular) and the way you knot the tie. In my experience one of the best value for money deals around (and with a huge variety)
It's bespoke with a huge selection of fabrics and excellent service. Good pricing too so...
The other two are better (third better than second although in my sense not too groovy) Why don't u check out sam hober?
It's beyond horrible
Which ones are still available?
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