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Id tell u to get the fabric and make bespoke or mtm but i guess u have no time. Other than that even though i dont personally care for it i think that if u have the panache for it you could pull it off in a more fashion forward event where evening clothes are interpreted a bit more freely than strict black tie
It some sort of evening coat although i cant really classify it. Like a big birdseye fabric
About half are seasonal (3-4 winter) (2-3 summer)
Lets see 1Navy hopsack Mid gray flannel Black n white birdseye Airforce blue flannel Charcoal worsted 2 Gray worsted Gray pow Blue pow Light gray fishbone Gray pinstripes 2 Black worsted Taupe worsted Navy pinstripe Brown pinstripe Thats 16? I think Plus 6-7 sport coats and odd trousers
Sorry to say i dont like the suit / shirt combo (tie is great and probably the one tie that could bring the two together but still doesnt do it for me)
Not a very good picture but my 2 cents on the similar toned suit n tie (tie is cashmere Doriani and suit is bespoke zegna 10oz fabric). Both look slightly darker IRL
There was a very nice dark green with white dots sqaure in Marinella in Naples when i was there last week. Wanting a green square i went for a print from Rubinacci but i wonder if i should have (also) gotten the marinella one
Me too but they still look busy
Yeah cyprus can be like that, too informal. The scorching heat helps too.... Limassol is a bit more formal or at least fashionable. Shoulder season lasts 10 months here. Or rather it lasts 4 months and the other six are summer (real, in your face, burn your lungs 40 celsius summer too!)
Looks too busy to me
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