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The other two are better (third better than second although in my sense not too groovy) Why don't u check out sam hober?
It's beyond horrible
Which ones are still available?
Agree. For the past year ive gotten 4 brown ties (hober bitter choc fina, marinella dark brown cashmere, kiton 7 fold print and cappelli print) and i really like them with most thnngs! I think dark greens are going to be my next addiction
I do most of the times when I wear a jacket. Usually white linen or cotton when I'm wearing a tie. More intricate with sport coats without a tie
Never said it was. Just saying that cacciopoli had canonico barberis made for them (they claim exclusively)
Both from Caccioppoli (barberis canonico made exclusively for cacciopoli) (sorry bout the extra stuff it's the rest of the stuff I got in my florence/naples trip)
Id tell u to get the fabric and make bespoke or mtm but i guess u have no time. Other than that even though i dont personally care for it i think that if u have the panache for it you could pull it off in a more fashion forward event where evening clothes are interpreted a bit more freely than strict black tie
It some sort of evening coat although i cant really classify it. Like a big birdseye fabric
About half are seasonal (3-4 winter) (2-3 summer)
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