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3-patch pocket, 3-button, no buttons on cuffs, back is unvented but has a sort of accordion-style mock-double-vent. Another rare item, as seen here. Measurements Shoulder: 17" Chest: 19" Sleeve: 25.3" Length: 28.2"
The Tie Bar sprouting paisley silk pocket square in eggplant, 10.5" x 10.5", SOLD The Hill-Side crosses pocket square, 13" x 13", SOLD Engineered Garments (S/S '08 or '09) plaid cotton scarf, 64" x 18", $24 shipped ConUS
BBESF sold, price drop on the SKU chambray shirt. Grab both for $200.
Made in the U.S. of Japanese chambray fabric, we had very limited stock of these, I only got my hands on this because someone had returned it for a different size. Measurements Shoulders: 17.3" Chest (armpit to armpit): 20.2" Sleeve length (shoulder end to cuff): 26" Body length (from the bottom of the collar down the back): 28.5"
found this mirror from the back of my closet so now i can do self waywt pics. barbour x to ki to sporting quilt jacket, rose & born herringbone cutaway, hickey herringbone tweed pants (2" cuffs), wolverine 1000 miles, 80's banana republic travel & safari briefcase (and same era br t&s croc belt - no vis)
Damn dude, that's not racist.
Hate away, but I love those guys and was glad I ran into them that day.
Pretty sure I paid an upwards of $300 for this on eBay last year, but I hardly wear it and would rather share the steez with someone who will do it more justice. Hidden pockets, taped seams, etc, etc, this thing is one of the most legit pieces of military outerwear available and very rare in this size. Measurements Shoulders: Raglan, fits a normal 36 (16.5-17.5" should fit fine) Chest (armpit to armpit): 23" (take into account this is an outer shell meant to be worn with...
Picked up the last one in my size from Bonobos last month, hardly wore it and I don't think I will much more next year / I need funds to get F/W stuff tailored, so it's up for grabs. Measurements Shoulders: 17" Chest (armpit to armpit): 20" Sleeve length (shoulder end to cuff): 24.5" Body length (from the bottom of the collar down the back): 27.5"
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