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big rise =
I have similar hair and I've got something similar to this going on. Embrace the wave in the front, just not on the sides. Get the sides and the back tapered down so they don't curl as much and keep growing it on top and if it gets too long just taper it back but keep a little quiff going on up front. I'm not an expert, but I think that would work best for you.
For sale is a pair of charcoal Brioni pure wool trousers, size 30R, in excellent condition. The trousers fit true to size (30" with 1" to let out), are double-pleated and have an inseam of 31" (with 3" to let out) and a 1.25" cuff. The outseam is 41". I'm asking $35 + shipping and I will consider offers or trades.
Fit Pics:
Price drop. Also willing to trade!
Bought this off eBay and just recieved, but it doesn't fit. Size 40R, fits like a 38. I'm usually a 36-38, took a chance and its too big. Will fit a 38 or snugly fit a 40. Mid-weight grey flannel wool, 3 button, double-vented, patch pockets. Measurements: 17.5" shoulder, 20" chest, 29.5" back, 26" sleeve. SOLD Definitely a wardrobe staple.
Band of Outsiders OCBD in a black bengal stripe, size small Worn a few times, washed in cold water and hang-dried. The black is not that bold since it's an oxford, it's more of an "oxford" grey (heather grey w/o the heather). SOLD Measurements: Shoulders: 17" (43 cm) Chest: 18.5" (47 cm) Sleeve: 24" (61 cm) 1 2 3 Saint James Binic II in ecru/marine, size small 100% wool, size small. Worn a few times, but no pilling. More info here. Retails for $215, 100.00 +...
I never really had a plan. I've always wanted to design things, but I'm not terribly good at it. I have these great concepts in my mind and I just can't find the right way to express them. I'm almost out of college with a Communication Studies degree and a minor in Business Communication. I'm thinking of working for a year or two to save up some money and then going to a grad school for business. Not sure if it's worth it. Otherwise, I'd just like to help start up some...
Quote: Originally Posted by joegrec ...I'm here to fix your computer not teach you how to use it. Ditto. I work in tech services at my college and the worst people are the ones who have no basic comprehension of what I'm telling them. It's frustrating to go through every single little detail with them. +1 to Finals. 2 down, 3 to go.
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