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dog i feel you these fit even smaller than anticipated. Small = XS
$25/ea shipped CONUS, $30 shipped INTL From left to right: Brooks Brothers vintage fair isle sock tie: 2.75" x 54", 100% wool, made in USA SOLD Ovadia & Sons FW11 glen plaid flannel tie: 3.25" x 57.5", 100% wool, made in USA SOLD Ovadia & Sons FW13 green shantung silk tie: 2.75" x 57", 100% silk, made in USA Orley FW12 medallion woven silk tie: 3" x 54", 100% silk, made in Italy
OVADIA & SONS is having a sample sale next Thursday from 8:30am to 6pm, and Friday from 8:30am to 2pm at 155 Wooster St, #4R:
Thx to people who have actually spent time with me in a non #menswear environment for having my back. I'm definitely reserved and obviously a nerd, so in highly social situations I'm fairly out of place. I don't follow sports or much of popular culture, I don't enjoy small talk, 9 times out of 10 I couldn't care less about what you're saying. I'm not a dick about it though, I'll usually just sit back and listen so long as I'm interested, if I have something to say or...
ya that last pic is of me. great blazer, wish i'd held onto it.
After studying them carefully, they appear to be on the Leydon last. They run true to size and are not acutely narrow, these will work for a 9.5C, and a 9.5D could probably stretch them out after a couple of wears.
Sorry, I'm not sure, I purchased these used so I don't know much about them.
Several years old with a good amount of wear. There's some seam damage at the back heel edge of the left shoe, but it's purely cosmetic and not visible when worn. Navy suede with tonal stitching, a rare colorway that I haven't seen anyone else make yet. Asking $145 -> $115 shipped ConUS
Vintage (no tags besides size label), light tan cotton, safari-style band, snap brim, size 7⅛. Asking $25 shipped ConUS
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