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Probably should be shared in a 'wdywt' post but still waiting for my digicam in the mail but it's what I wore to work today. Although they're not recent pickups but definitely pickups (roper jacket & adams boots) thanks to this thread and just wanted to share.
Thanks Namor and Jagger for the help. I'm hoping these would actually fit well. I wear a 31 in my washed pairs of Low Straights but the 31 in the low straight rigid was too big but the 30 was extremely tight, polar opposites for some reason (maybe just got 2 bad pairs?). Hopefully these work. They probably have a 'hairier' finish in person than they show online.
Anyone have experience in the Slim Straight rigid? I have several Low Straight pairs and was wondering if the fit was similar to the Low Straight but with a higher rise.
http://www.contextclothing.com/item.php?id=2083http://www.contextclothing.com/item.php?id=2084this should help for the once wash vs rigid. I personally think the slim fit is smaller in the thigh and leg opening by 1" which is why i choose the low straights.
Stopped by the Bev Hills RRL store yesterday. They had a few sizes of some low straights and slim fits (and slim boots) left in stock for around $214 each, much cheaper than online. Didn't check the shirt/outerwear rack. Ended up buying a pair of Selvedge Field Officer Chinos. Does anyone know when they started manufacturing these in China? I was a little disappointed they weren't USA made. Or is it b/c it's just a new version with the non-red selvedge line? ...
All of my washed low straights stretched about a half inch after about 10-15 wears. You can somewhat mitigate this with a belt. It's not as extreme as the raw versions.
The measurements match up against my Low Straight pairs. Thanks for the help!
Can anyone help me out if these are Low Straights? I measured my pair vs their measurements posted but wanted to make sure. Any/all help is appreciated. Also, thanks for whoever posted the sale for next week. http://www.barneyswarehouse.com/rrl-five-pocket-straight-leg-jeans-501382258.html?index=13&q=rrl
If you're close to a surplus store I suggest you try one on. Military issue/grade are pretty amazing. The weight alone of a military grade peacoat is unbelievable. It's obviously based around function first than fashion, but I find them to be cut perfect, not necessarily baggy but not ultra slim either. Wool is definitely much 'itchier' though.At the end of the day though, you have to ask yourself if you'll truly be happy with or w/o the designer tag.
Did you receive a flier in the mail or email? I haven't received anything. Is there a special code?
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