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http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=24312376 Can anyone shed some light on fit of these Officer Field Chinos? Are they as slim as the rigid selvedge chinos? How should I size these? For reference, I wear a sz 30 in the officer rigid selvedge chinos, 31 in Low Straights and size 32 in RLBL pants. I'm normally a 32 waist. Thanks for the help.
maybe .5" at best. I bought a pair of Low Straights (different wash) similar to your situation and I am debating about buying one of those waist stretchers to try and stretch the waist out. I wear 31 in low straights but this was the first pair where it felt legitimately smaller in the waist and even thighs.
Probably should be shared in a 'wdywt' post but still waiting for my digicam in the mail but it's what I wore to work today. Although they're not recent pickups but definitely pickups (roper jacket & adams boots) thanks to this thread and just wanted to share.
Thanks Namor and Jagger for the help. I'm hoping these would actually fit well. I wear a 31 in my washed pairs of Low Straights but the 31 in the low straight rigid was too big but the 30 was extremely tight, polar opposites for some reason (maybe just got 2 bad pairs?). Hopefully these work. They probably have a 'hairier' finish in person than they show online.
Anyone have experience in the Slim Straight rigid? I have several Low Straight pairs and was wondering if the fit was similar to the Low Straight but with a higher rise.
http://www.contextclothing.com/item.php?id=2083http://www.contextclothing.com/item.php?id=2084this should help for the once wash vs rigid. I personally think the slim fit is smaller in the thigh and leg opening by 1" which is why i choose the low straights.
Stopped by the Bev Hills RRL store yesterday. They had a few sizes of some low straights and slim fits (and slim boots) left in stock for around $214 each, much cheaper than online. Didn't check the shirt/outerwear rack. Ended up buying a pair of Selvedge Field Officer Chinos. Does anyone know when they started manufacturing these in China? I was a little disappointed they weren't USA made. Or is it b/c it's just a new version with the non-red selvedge line? ...
All of my washed low straights stretched about a half inch after about 10-15 wears. You can somewhat mitigate this with a belt. It's not as extreme as the raw versions.
The measurements match up against my Low Straight pairs. Thanks for the help!
Can anyone help me out if these are Low Straights? I measured my pair vs their measurements posted but wanted to make sure. Any/all help is appreciated. Also, thanks for whoever posted the sale for next week. http://www.barneyswarehouse.com/rrl-five-pocket-straight-leg-jeans-501382258.html?index=13&q=rrl
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