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Thanks for all the responses, appreciate it. Didn't realize sale was usually 25% off cheaper than online, always thought it was a store by store basis. Also didn't know you could get the extra 25% off by taking in store if you purchased before the extra discount. Couldn't find the low straight midland wash in the size I want, will prob call customer service next week.
any chance that prices were the same in store as they are online or were they slightly cheaper?
don't forget ebates & shopdiscover for extra savings.
Ive had a bad experience with OTR fit low straight rigids (bought 31, too big, bought sz 30, way too tight). Ended up buying the 31 slim straights rigid, soaked in hot water for about 30 mins, they shrank about a half inch all around and now fit fine to a certain extent but could have sized down to a 30. I'm kind of regretting not buying the once rinsed versions. I would suggest trying on if you can.
does Thorocraft make RRL boots? these look almost identical to my RRL Brunel boots, just shorter shaft.
http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=24312376 Can anyone shed some light on fit of these Officer Field Chinos? Are they as slim as the rigid selvedge chinos? How should I size these? For reference, I wear a sz 30 in the officer rigid selvedge chinos, 31 in Low Straights and size 32 in RLBL pants. I'm normally a 32 waist. Thanks for the help.
maybe .5" at best. I bought a pair of Low Straights (different wash) similar to your situation and I am debating about buying one of those waist stretchers to try and stretch the waist out. I wear 31 in low straights but this was the first pair where it felt legitimately smaller in the waist and even thighs.
Probably should be shared in a 'wdywt' post but still waiting for my digicam in the mail but it's what I wore to work today. Although they're not recent pickups but definitely pickups (roper jacket & adams boots) thanks to this thread and just wanted to share.
Thanks Namor and Jagger for the help. I'm hoping these would actually fit well. I wear a 31 in my washed pairs of Low Straights but the 31 in the low straight rigid was too big but the 30 was extremely tight, polar opposites for some reason (maybe just got 2 bad pairs?). Hopefully these work. They probably have a 'hairier' finish in person than they show online.
Anyone have experience in the Slim Straight rigid? I have several Low Straight pairs and was wondering if the fit was similar to the Low Straight but with a higher rise.
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