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I used the measurements on the JP RL site and it said a size 30" was roughly 32" waist. Is that how bad the sizing is on the ranch jean?
Are you talking about the Roper Denim Jacket? I have the Roper from about 2-3 seasons ago, except mine had a 'dirtier' wash than the current. I can prob take measurements and post them later, I have a size small, fits pretty snug. If you can find the jacket on the co.jp RL site, they post measurements there for certain items.Picked up the Low Straight Sacramento wash. Really debated on the Ranch Jean and Deep Indigo, anyone own these? Probably will end up getting them...
I have these in a 9.5. BC the suede toebox is unstructured, there's literally no break-in period and it's actually much roomier than they look in the forefoot and very comfortable. I have the leather RRL Adams boot in 9.5 also for fit comparison if you ever tried those and they're relatively similar in length.I wear a sz 9.5 in RW moc toe (haven't tried the iron rangers though). I'm a 10.5 in most sneakers, 10 in converse and 10 in RL dress shoes. For my boots I tend...
Does RRL have asia exclusives? Saw this Ranch jacket on the RL.asia site but didn't know if it was SS14 or FW14 http://www.ralphlauren.asia/en/men/rrl/jackets-and-outerwear-13/ranch-jacket-403025/403277?country=HK¤cy=HKD
is the material thin? looks like i can see the pocket bags straight through the jeans
^^if you call a local RRL store they can search a store that has it and ship it to you for about $15.Never handled red wings before so I can't compare. I own last seasons Adams boot which is the exact same boot except with a different sole and leather upper. In comparison to the Adams they are definitely much more lighter. They are extremely comfortable right out the box. Toe box isn't as round as it appears on the site as the boot seems unlined so they'll prob conform...
Stopped by the RL SF store. Picked up the boondocker boot ($175), slim fit in storm grey ($153) and the twill in faded khaki ($100) all after extra 25%. Definitely worth checking in store for lower prices. Wanted the Thompson jacket but they only had L and XL left. Price was $400 before the extra 25% if anyone is interested. SA was Joseph, helpful dude.
Thanks for all the responses, appreciate it. Didn't realize sale was usually 25% off cheaper than online, always thought it was a store by store basis. Also didn't know you could get the extra 25% off by taking in store if you purchased before the extra discount. Couldn't find the low straight midland wash in the size I want, will prob call customer service next week.
any chance that prices were the same in store as they are online or were they slightly cheaper?
don't forget ebates & shopdiscover for extra savings.
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