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Are you selling the pants separately or is it $200 for the jacket and pants?
This is PSA and I hate to spam but PS shoes to seem be a specific taste, but I am selling some PS Chukka's I bought in 2007 on eBay for a relatively decent price. Thanks.
Thanks for the input, post edited accordingly.
I'm checking interest for a pair of Alden I picked up off of eBay a few months back...they are a black pebbled leather long wing in what I believe is the truflare last, marked size 10 B/D. The length is just fine on these, but I believe the shoe is just a little bit too wide for me as I'm assuming it is from the orthopedic lineup judging from the pictured inserts and the way they feel in the heel. I put it next to my 9.5D Fifth Avenue AEs for reference. I can get...
PM sent
I bought these off of eBay thinking maybe these would fit, but they are too tight on me. Cape Cod, vibram sole, some wear but they look great. They are 9.5 narrow in the cape cod so I suppose these would fit either a 10 narrow or a true 9.5D. $110 shipped.
Looking for a casual summer shoe- does anyone have the Camp Moccs? If so, any brief endorsements or pictures? Can anyone fill me in on how the crewneck sweatshirts fit? Do they run true to size or would one have to size up? About 1500 miles away from being able to try one on...
Looking to buy a Purple Label cotton quarter zip, Medium, open to any colors, preferably gently used.
A few new clothes, some drops on things I recently posted - Levi's x Billy Reid 501's, 34x34 unworn MSRP $175 > $95 Shipped J. Crew 1/4 zip sweaters - $20 each, $35 both. Size M Jack Spade Bag $30 shipped
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