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+1 on the hairspray unless u want something that is super powerful and will leave ur hair rock hard and/or sticky, just use whatever makes ur hair look good when ur done styling, and cement it with hairspray also, if u want the more natural look, using a hair dryer can help
you know..."they"..say that you dont see anything in dreams that u never have before, your brain just takes a bunch of images and mixes them together to create something that is "new" to you. chances are during your lifetime you came across that information but you just dont remember and it just reappeared in your dream, chances are you have actually seen this "mike" person too.
chances are you can renew your contract with your phone company and you'll be able to get a huge discount on a new phone. if you dont want a smart phone (the ones with all the bells and whistles) there are plenty of free options.
for the people saying "why?" why not? why do u get a hair cut every few weeks? why do u cut ur nails? because u want to? or to be socially acceptable? yes, porn is probably what started it, but guess what, porn is socially acceptable now. so, when u wake up tomorrow, and look in the mirror (after your facial cleansing and moisturisor) you can think of how much a man you are for not shaving ur balls personally i like buzzing my pubes, it gets kinda wild and...
buy used - 2-3 years old. get a hell of a better deal and nicer car then new. don't worry so much about reliability for a used car. if its in great shape when u buy it - ur the only one who can ruin it. think about it as being tested for a few years before u bought it :P
i dont know if anyone touched on this.... what bothers me about this is not the action...but the fact that a lot of people use those garbage white earbuds that come with ipods....they will pay $300 for a damn ipod but use the 30 cent earbuds that come with them. comon, those things are just terrible. not seeing the garbage white earbuds gives me hope that the individual actually has some mp3 player other then an ipod. - if you can argue that the stock earbuds are...
math is a tool...... there is nothing particular about a screwdriver that i like, but it gets the job done
because classes are curved and i have a calculator - this is coming from a guy that took everything up to calc 4
lol ok, i obviously havent been going out to frat parties, but i have in the past with friends and even with my ex-girlfriend. so i dont have access to drunk college girls, but while i was at parties, i have flirted, i have attracted attention, and i have turned down drunk college girls. all that is really required is physical attraction and i wasn't lying when i said i was pretty decent looking. it doesnt take much social skills for a drunk chick to come up to you, grab...
it has always been easy for me to make friends, i never necessarily liked most of them, but it was easy. it is still easy. the problem is i never had to introduce myself from the stranger side. there has always been that push. like i actually needed to talk to a certain someone for something, they were in a class, they talked to me, etc etc. after the "push" im golden. i am just really bad at making that "push" by myself. as far as the "drunk college girls will like you...
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