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As a high school student, I had primarily worn tennis shoes, and my new girlfriend wanted me to improve my wardrobe. We went to the mall, and I grabbed a pair of Aldo shoes that she was very enthusiastic about. I did not even notice the shape of the shoes' toe. In the next few months, I consistently got compliments on those shoes from women, and even a few guys. Later, I knew that I needed a pair of dress shoes, and I read an article in Esquire or GQ that recommended...
I think the author's point is only valid insomuch as there are people dressing up in the "Mad Men" style who would not normally even be wearing a suit or jacket. If you wear those clothes in a social context where they do not make sense, then you will obviously look like you are playing dress up. But that can be true of any style that is appropriated and worn in a new environment. On my way to work a few months ago, I had to swing by Target to run an errand. Just...
Quote: Originally Posted by Wideknot Define "better." Individuals who are not shoe aficianados (about, what, 99.9% of the population?) couldn't tell you what constitutes a "better" shoe. They will notice the style, the color, and the condition. Low quality shoes that are stylish, attractive, and in good polish/repair will score as high in most people's minds as a top shelf bespoke. And it doesn't matter whether they fit or not. The only one who will know...
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria This thread is prompted by the following post today: In my case, it hasn't so far since I started using my tailor before fora time. But, if Ambrosi or Mina from NsM ever to Boston, I will because I learned about them mostly or entirely from the webz and they would replace RTW from Louis. - B I have neither the time nor the inclination to canvas LA, visiting each tailor. Feedback from other...
Quote: Originally Posted by Sanguis Mortuum Even though it turns out he did actually mean sculptor, I'm still surprised that nobody has heard of referring to a woman metaphorically as a sculpture, it's a pretty common turn of phrase... I prefer my women soft and feminine; if someone's physique is to appear as if it were carved out of granite, I would prefer it was my own.
That drawer is epic. What brands are those? Quote: Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy Roll'em and file'm
Quote: Originally Posted by pitboss12 In the Esquire article above, Kurland says he designed the suits and they were made by Dennis Kim Tailors, a small Korean-American owned operation in Los Angeles. No mention of a Turkish Co. or subsidiary. Anyone in LA used Dennis Kim? Maybe I will have to check him out.
When he was fresh out of law school, my father commissioned a solid navy suit that he thought was quite dashing. But whenever he was in an airport, person after person would come up and begin talking to him as if he worked for one of the airlines. To this day, this experience remains his justification for not wearing solid navy suits. I maintain that if you dress a little less conservatively, most people will not make the mistake.
I prefer the savile row fold: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_Wbd-uMYmb_...e+Row+fold.jpg
I should also add that this article confirms observations that Paul Fussell in his book Class, which I highly recommend. According to Fussell, individuals mid-way up the American status system wear clothes with obvious details that appeal to their vanity, such as monograms or logos. Those who are actually at the top of the system often deliberately eschew those features.
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