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Hi, me too
I like both NY and SF for their own reasons but I like NY a lot more.....that's just me.
Barneys Co-Op San Francisco has some great stuff....There's a lot on sale!!!
I bought a pair of APC NS in 28, waaay too small. Exchanged them for a 29. Still too small. I'm selling them for $148 shipped. These are Brand New. I still have the receipt. E mail me if interested Thanks.
Marc Jacobs Quilted Sneakers. Bought them in both colorways. They are really comfortable!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by onion I like them a lot. I was actually planning on getting a pair of those in the next month or so. Then again, those are the go to boots of my favorite designer, so maybe I'm a bit bias. I was going to get a pair but are these 875's or are...
I know this isn't for everyone but buying a nice well made wallet can last you a long time. I bought my Louis Vuitton Epi leather wallet (black) almost 10 years ago and I haven't needed another wallet since. It was worth spending more on something I really liked. Everyone has their own taste so buy something you really like.
I Agree
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