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What make are these pants
yeah make of the bomber jacket! anyone know? and the trousers!
does anyone know what make shirt/jacket this is?!
Quote: Originally Posted by jet ^margiela store jet you have got poor banter!
if you look at the wrangler shirt and look at the shirt he is wearing, his shirt has one front pocket and the wrangler has two, the check on the wrangler shirt runs straight and the check on is runs diagonally.
if you look at the pictures from wrangler and the picture of him wearing the check shirt, his shirt has one front pocket and the picture of the wrangler shirt has two and on his pocket the check runs diagonally and wrangler runs straight.
haha good one! i disagree they are not wrangler check shirts.
can you find a link and post it please.
any ideas where this check shirt is from?
[quote=cjmorris21;3144326]Where can these wrangler blue bell shirts be gotten? I cannot find them anywhere.[/QUOTE yeah i cant find them anywhere, must not be wrangler.
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