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Heading out to the Lambeth Country Show:
Thanks guys - interesting ideas. I'll have a muse and see what Cleverley think. Am leaning towards calf/reindeer.
I am thinking of having a Devon shoe made by Cleverley for my next commission: Love the look but not sure about the practicality of the tobacco suede. Thoughts? Also wondering about subbing the Russian reindeer for the croc. Which would be dearer, do you think?
Shirt from Connock & Lockie, London: Close up:
Here's my rather over-exposed effort: Tie - Sims & McDonald Shirt - Sean O'Flynn Suit - Steven Hitchcock
edit - wrong thread
Thanks - here's the watch I actually put on this morning: Eterna-Matic Centenaire 61
Steven Hitchcock. It's a Smiths cloth.
As requested, with added turn back action (still a crappy iPhone pick though I'm afraid):
New Sinn 856s (I won't usually be wearing this with a suit):
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