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Yes, I realise that horses don't have naturally cross-hatched behinds! Apparently Horween will add cross-hatching to any cordovan you want, although it can take up to a year. Cleverley said that they had some midnight blue cordovan in stock (not sure if cross-hatched or natural) and could get other colours e.g. green.
I agree with this - in fact I was in Cleverley today for a fitting of a pair of pigskin double monk ankle boots. I chose pigskin over pebble grain calf because I preferred the nature texture (although I have had pebble grain shoes/boots made before).I also bit the bullet and ordered some midnight blue stingray wholecuts (ouch on the price but I'm confident they will look amazing).Next commission is likely to be a pair of full brogues in the Horween cross-hatch cordovan,...
Fair enough.I am trying to build my shoe collection up a bit more quickly (now that my suit collection is complete*) and one of the slightly frustrating things is that a new pair can't really be started until the old pair are finished. I guess one could reques that a second last is made, or alternatively use more than one show maker, or just have more patience.(*obviously a lie)
Would love to see those. I am planning a pair of dark blue Chelsea boots from them with a medallion.
I picked up a couple of lengths of Rangoon when Minni's were selling it at £16/m - navy blue and a b/w houndstooth. It's pretty good. What was even better though was the Airbourne acquired around the same time - drapes better than the Rangoon despite being lighter weight.
(Edited to fix upload problem)
New Cleverleys - calf and suede: (Edited to fix upload problem)
Not sure if that would be enough contrast for my liking. Also not sure about a GBP 4000 pair of shoes (guessing).
Heading out to the Lambeth Country Show:
Thanks guys - interesting ideas. I'll have a muse and see what Cleverley think. Am leaning towards calf/reindeer.
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