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Cashmere gloves from Drakes. Serendipitously they match my casual briefcase.
CMT = cut, make and trim
I went through this thought process recently as I wanted a GMT watch for the occasional overseas trips I go on.I really like the look of the Lange Saxonia Dual Time, but didn't feel comfortable traveling with a GBP 22K watch on my wrist. So I went for this in the end. Haven't traveled with it yet, but happy with the look and the functionality.
The stuff I am not happy with predates Russell - it was cut by Mike (Graham's partner) who sadly died.I still wear some of the stuff that Russell cut and I agree it is excellent given the price point. I mainly stopped using them because they got too busy, and had trouble with a DB waistcoat that they then couldn't resolve. I had moved on to Meyer & Mortimer by then.
Another one of mine.
Snap. However, the positive way of looking at it is that I got to experiment with bespoke and get that early stage out of my system at Graham Browne rather than Savile Row prices.
It's not a complete answer to your question, but I made the mistake of going for 'cheap' bespoke for a few years. Add a result there are half a dozen suits I never wear. However back then I couldn't have afforded the suits I buy now.
My contribution (please forgive the terrible photo):
Managed to track down a Tangomat GMT Plus (now discontinued).
May just have to go for the Lange Dual Time instead.
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