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Any thoughts on this GP? Strongly drawn to the design but don't know anything about the watch:
Nice. Which PAM model is that?
The jacket was delivered today, together with trousers made from the Fox oatmeal flannel. Both tailored by Elia Caliendo. Photo below:
The cyclops came close to putting me off the polar Explorer II, but I am learning to live with it (can't say I love it, but everything else about the watch is great). The 1971 watch is wonderful. And my birth year.
That's not how my (London) tailors use the term. They use it to describe lining as in the post below. It's because the lining looks like the canopy on an old car.http://thesavilerowtailor.co.uk/2011/06/buggy-half-lined-jackets/
I broke my own rule incidentally, starting off with a couple of SB suits with peak lapels (hardly conservative) just because I could. Mistake.
I don't think you should take 'the majority here' as being representative or a good model if you are just starting out on the bespoke journey. At least your first 6 (imo) suits should be made in conservative 'basic' cloths supplied by your tailor. Supplying your own cloth (known as CMT on Savile Row, or 'cut make and trim') should only be considered/necessary once you have the foundations of a decent suit collection and have developed a good relationship with your tailor.
^^ thisNext time you create something original - protect it!
I think so, yes. Rule of thumb is that lapel should extend half way to sleeve.
^ Piccadilly Arcade
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