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We'll I bought it and am very happy with the way it looks, I have to say it hasn't been keeping good time. I am travelling a lot this week but it is still gaining by up to 5 minutes a day which obviously isn't right. That said, in the last few days, it seems to have settled down. Is this possible with a new watch? I seem to remember that my Panerai took a while to settle down.
Except when you bring it back into the UK you are meant to declare it and pay duty, right?
Yes, it feels a lot thicker to me, but I think I am unusually sensitive to thick watches (normally wear a Nomos Tetra or Eternamatic dress watch which are even thinner). Other dimensions are the same I think.I thought I would like the Grande Taille more. Just goes to show you need to see the damn things irl.
Ah, OK. Have always thought it's a bit off there isn't more choice at T5 considering it's the flagship terminal.
Different store I think. I've been in touch with the M&W store but good to hear there's another option.ETA - I found the Grand Taille too thick for my tastes, and surprisingly I found the face to be a bit cluttered compared to the simplicity of the UT (which on paper I thought might be a bit plain). Also the Reverso Classique is tiny!
Tried on the Grande Taille and the Ultra Thin at Mappin & Webb Regent St yesterday. Going to put the Lange Dualtime on hold and get the UT in steel VAT free at the M&W store at LHR T5 tomorrow.
I am considering a Reverso too, and have narrowed down my choice to the Grande Taille, Ultra Thin or Classique as I want the steel back. I am passing through Heathrow T5 on Friday and might pull the trigger at the Mappin & Webb store there to take advantage of the VAT discount.
Yeah I thought about a Duo, but not sure I'm that keen on the black face and the need to reverse it to see the second time zone is less convenient than the Lange. When I'm jet lagged and between meetings in Tokyo I'd like to be able to just glance at the watch to see whether to call the kids.I am in the market for a Reverso though (probably a Classique or Grand Taille) on the spurious ground that when reversed it'd be the safest way of wearing a nice watch on my cycle ride...
I don't think I've ever had two suits that have exactly the same cut from the 3 houses I use regularly. And that's with the same cutter each time in each. It's the nature of bespoke I think.
Thanks for the useful input. I'd like a dual time zone watch and the Lange is the nicest I've seen. At the end of the day I can afford it (with a bit of saving) and so I suspect I will get it - I don't see the point of getting a No. 2 choice where I'm always be going to be thinking 'if only I'd got the Lange'.My nervousness about price is more of a psychological barrier iykwim. Up until a year or so ago I'd not spent more than GBP 700 on a watch (I've got a Nomos Tetra, a...
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