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I don't think Graham himself goes into the shop very much any more - the day to day work is done by Russell and Dan. Both are good cutters and I am sure would be happy to fix any problems with your suit. Was it 10 weeks from first measuring to completion? If so, that's really quite quick. I usually reckon on 3-4 months for a bespoke suit.
Yes, I saw that*. Bear in mind that my post you quoted is 18 months old and represents my experience in the preceding few years to that - I haven't used GB for some time and so can't comment on their recent work. I did get the impression however when I was last there that they were overworked.Edit to add: *mein Gott, only just seen the new photos. No way is that representative of GB's work. Needs fixing fast.
An update on Meyer & Mortimer: their prices have gone up by quite a bit. My last suit (a two piece DB) was £2600 plus VAT at 20% = £3120 and I am having a 3 piece (SB peak lapel, 1B, DB vest) made with my own cloth for which the total price will be about the same.Probably brings them up to a similar level to comparable Row tailors i.e. before they were under-priced compared to the market.
Quote: Originally Posted by RSS Part of that could have been due to cloth selection and/or a rise in prices. Have you asked why the greater cost? Although as you note, you are happy. It was a Lessers cloth (very nice blue pinstripe with a slight 'ridge' stripe between each pinstripe) and I assume that caused the hike. In fact I did ask that at the time (I mean when I was given the bill on collection), but there was so much awkwardness...
Quote: Originally Posted by WingTips Potentially going for their MTM and was told by them that production still outsourced to wensum in norwich (despite past reports here to the contrary) Any had any experiences good or bad? No experience, sorry, but my colleague has a sports coat from years back which looks pretty good. Do you happen to know their price for MTM trousers?
Quote: Originally Posted by RSS In my further experience, once a relationship has been well established, exceptions are made. Yes, I now pay on completion at one tailor I use with nothing asked for a deposit. That said, it was here I received the £500 surprise noted above.
I always ask the first time but tend to assume that later suits will cost the same. Bit of a shock recently with a £500 hike on the cost of a bespoke DB. One difficulty is that the cutter I deal with is slightly embarrassed about the money side and it's the other chap who deals with that. That said, I was happy with the suit even at the higher price.
I like the Panerai look but not the size. Some models are 42m (Radiomir) or even 40mm (Luminor) but seem hard to come by, new (in London) or s/hand. I also want it to be manual wound. Any ideas? Also, is there a single web source which displays model number, picture, size and movement (i.e. automatic or manual)?
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan My first inclination is to go English, probably Cleverly. G&G is a bit too slick for me, and I'm prioritizing fit over design. Lobb London/Paris are way too pricey. What else is there? Fosters? My limited experience - one pair from Fosters (a couple of years ago) and one pair in the making with Cleverly. The Fosters look fantastic but the fit is disappointing and (though lovely people) they were...
Quote: Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger Now I know what Fresco is, I've seen it and felt it. I have a piece of vintage Loro Piana fabric thats labelled 50% Mohair 50% Wool. This is basically what Fresco is correct? It feels and looks like the exact same weave. Fresco is a registered trade mark of Huddersfield Fine Worsteds Ltd.
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