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He is also based at Selfridges now (in the afternoons - G&H in the mornings).
Justin Fitzpatrick (blogs at the Shoe Snob) is excellent. He's now at Gieves and Hawkes Savile Row in the morning and Selfridges in the afternoon. Shine from £5 for a basic iirc up to £20 for the full military parade shine.
My latest acquisition:
[quote name="ThinkDerm" Those trees are awesome.[/quote] Indeed they are ;-)
I think George Glasgow refers to it as "suspiciously square".
Not sure about the welt but you're right about the other two.
Thanks for your comments. I am very pleased with them. Here's another photo for you.
Cleverley bespoke boots. Cordovan below; pebble-grain calf above.
Fosters made me a hip wallet in bridle leather which has been excellent. I particularly wanted a hard wearing leather as every OTR wallet I've had in the past has disintegrated at the 'hinge'. So far this one has been great, and was only £190 (from memory) which I thought was good value for a bespoke product. However, they did screw up a bit - I got them to copy a favourite OTR wallet and asked them to make it 1cm higher, which they forgot to do. I have just bought...
Just ordered double monks from Cleverley in black pebble-grain calf... ...with cap.
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