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I've got the 856 with the date at 4 o'clock. They are a great brand. ION, I have pulled the trigger on something special for my 45th birthday, which should be arriving tomorrow from Germany. Pictures when it does.
Lovely. I am very very tempted to get the travel time version. I'd need to sell more than a few Rolexes for that however.
What is this 'real life' you speak of?
Have a wonderful time wearing it.
The nicest blue dial on a strap I've seen recently is the Glashutte Original Senator Sixties (no date). The open back is sublime. But it is about GBP 4000 so I guess it should be. Edit to add: I missed the next page, and I see that Mimo has (as ever) got there first.
So what did you go for in the end?
Tried on a few gold dress watches today (I don't own a single gold watch). VC Historique; VC Patrimony; Calatrava; JLC 1907 Master Ultra Thin. Lots of nice stuff. But hot damn, the one that is really singing my song is the Lange Saxonia 40mm Thin. How does Lange manage so much with so little?
Yes, I liked it a lot. Need to try an ordinary elongated Ellipse too. But it's quite 'standout' and I think I want a plainer gold dress watch that's less prominent (I don't have any gold watches).There are surprisingly few used Calatravas to try on in London boutiques.
Thoughts on this watch?
Exactly this. And the reason why it's the first Daytona I've been tempted by.
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