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Interesting. I didn't know about this. It's an elegant solution for sure. A perpetual shoehorned into a dress watch aesthetic.
It's the only annual:perpetual calendar I've seen that ticks my box as far as a clean/balanced dial is concerned.
SEO, apparently.
My new grail watch:
Thanks - but I was looking for the titanium (562 or 564).Why are you selling it?
Looks fantastic - I have been thinking about getting a Luminor and this might seal the deal - not a fan of large watches but love the Panerai look.Luminor 42mm Duo looks to be priced at $8100 which is comparable with e.g. the PAM560.Just need to check if the case is brushed - my Radiomir 337 is too shiny for my taste so I was thinking about getting a titanium (e.g.. 564) but this new Duo will be thrown into the pot too.
I've probably ranted about this before, but it's incredibly frustrating how difficult it is sometimes to find out information about case thickness. It's pretty fundamental to how a watch feels on the wrist, and yet so many makers/sellers don't bother to list it. An example - I'm trying to find out how thick the new Panerai 562 & 564 are - and yet the information is difficult to come by and isn't even on Panerai's own website as far as I can tell. Not good enough!
I want a titanium Luminor now :-(
Thanks - I hadn't. Quite tempting, but I'd rather hold out for a white-faced dial (ideally in steel like yours). Also, I have just bought a Lange so am trying to be good!
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