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Please do!I came close to buying the Master Ultra Thin 1907 - a lovely watch (went for a pre-owned Lange Saxonia Thin in the end).
I got my silk/linen too. It looks lovely - really characterful and slubby. Gonna get Elia Caliendo to make it up as a suit for next summer.
Craig, If you like Nomos, why not get another with a black face? Alternatively, you could go for a new Datejust in memory of your father.
Blue suede double monk, by Cleverley:
Zeitwerk boom. My grail watch.
I take your point, but ultimately I think Davide Taub came out of it pretty well. And having met him, I'd say it is a fairly accurate portrayal of his personality.
Fantastic New Yorker article about Davide Taub's work (Gieves and Hawkes):
^ saw that on his site and think the gorge is too low
We are fucked.
Nice - is that a Smiths cloth? If so I have it made up in an SB 3 piece.
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