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Thanks - I hadn't. Quite tempting, but I'd rather hold out for a white-faced dial (ideally in steel like yours). Also, I have just bought a Lange so am trying to be good!
Yeah there were two on Chrono24 - the black one from Italy was shown as available but when I contacted the seller he said it wasn't. The gold one from Belgium has been reserved but the reserver still hasn't picked it up a few months on - despite this, the shop doesn't seem interested in selling it to me. Bizarre and frustrating - I can only think it's a high roller customer known to the shop.
Loro Piana do one too.
Don't I know it ๐Ÿ™Where did you find it @dcg?
That's a 1016, right? Seems ridiculously cheap. In the UK they start at around GBP 5000.
Back shape and shoulders looking good. Keep us posted!
Some better shots:
Yep. Acquired from Uhren Atelier Gehm in Dresden. Excellent service.
It's here...
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