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I made a purchase too. They had the Exp. II tax free at LHR and I couldn't resist. Photo from SFO, about to fly to LAX then home.
Cloth arrived this morning - excellent service.
Sorry man :-(Not sure about shipping. Yes they are UK based.
Good point on the vibration - I hadn't though of that. Seems to be OK though (for now).
I bought a Reverso UT for cycling to and from the office. The idea was to flip it to save any dings (even though in 30+ years of cycling - and a few tumbles - I've never damaged a watch). About a month after purchase I notices a few scratches - on the dial side :-/
Thanks for posting this - I hadn't heard of them but couldn't resist just buying the last 3 m of the W. Bill Rust Silk & Lambswool. A bargain at £20/m and have been thinking about commissioning a brown/rust jacket for A/W.Hoping 3m will be enough...
Yep, but I want it tax free, which means the airport store :-)
I now really really want one.
I am flying out of LHR Sunday to the US. Have just rung Watches of Switzerland - yes they do have the Exp. II in stock; no they can't reserve it for me, even if I put down a deposit; no, they can't even take the full amount by phone for me to pick up Sunday. Bizarre tax free rules I suppose. Fingers crossed it's still there Sunday.
Tried it this lunchtime at the Omega showroom on New Bond Street. Didn't like it in the flesh - too big and shiny.Popped into JLC to try the Master Compressor GMT but it's been discontinued. Thought I'd give the IWC Ingenieur GMT another try but the big Watches of Switzerland on Regent St don't stock it.Sights are focussing in on the Explorer...
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