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Pale blue. Maybe even pale pink.
Both are the real deal (although I haven't tried them personally).You probably realise this, but I think you need to get moving fast. IME a first bespoke suit takes a minimum of 3 months and needs 3 fittings. Make clear to the cutter that it's for a wedding and must be done in time (agree a deadline a fortnight the wedding day before in case there are last minute changes). Make sure they are sure they can do it in time!
I just searched for Airborne and this post came up:http://www.styleforum.net/t/64587/minnis-airborne-anyone-ever-have-anything-made#post_1048047So it does look like you were heading in that direction.(it's an interesting thread BTW)
Airborne is fantastic, but also discontinued I think. I'm a big fresco fan too.
I'm going to cautiously put my head above the parapet and say that I not a big fan of Rangoon. I have two suits tailored by different houses from the original end run of Minnis Rangoon and I am not impressed with the way it drapes. Much worse than Airborne (which is lighter weight I think).
I've got a Grande Reverso Ultra Thin and love it, but two criticisms:1. Scratches as mentioned above. Quite noticeable.2. The nature of the rectangular face is that it's difficult to set/read an exact time.
Nice, but it's the combination of the round dial with the cushion case that twists my melon.
Yep, had just spotted the first one and have already emailed the seller 👍
Thank you! Yes I have been searching for a while and you are right they are few and far between. Recently I have found a rose gold rattrappante version, whichI am very tempted by, and would snap it up were it not for the fact it is just north of GBP 10K. It's time for that end of the tax year decision - ISA or watch, ISA or watch...
A fit pic of the Caliendo funded liabilities mentioned upthread:
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