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Have only worn a couple of times, but yes, very comfortable (more immediately so than the calf leather shoes Cleverley have made for me).
Thanks - I'll see how the sole works out. I'm a city cyclist so leather soles are a bit problematic on my casual shoes.
Summer suedes from Cleverley:
My feet pronate (roll inwards) and I have inserts to correct this for RTW shoes.The shoes Cleverley make for me (inc. those pictured) have a built-in raised section under the arch which does the same job as the insert but without altering the fit. It works very well.
Shoes by Cleverley; socks by Budd; suit by Meyer & Mortimer: (Cross-post with Rock your Socks)
Shoes by Cleverley; socks by Budd; suit by Meyer & Mortimer:
Edit - just realised you want photos of your socks!
Justin is a thoroughly nice chap. I wish him luck in his new endeavour.
I posted a photo of my 337 upthread. My first luxury watch and I love it. Spent a *long* time looking and musing before pulling the trigger. Went for the 337 because of the smaller size (and didn't like the magnified date on the 40mm Luminors). Would have preferred the 338, but couldn't find one.
He is also based at Selfridges now (in the afternoons - G&H in the mornings).
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