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Saw Luca this morning. They are fully booked for this visit. Back in town Oct 23-25.
Yes - but as far as I know it is by appointment only:"The Travellers Club" 106, Pall Mall:september 11th: from 3,30 to 7pmseptember 12th: from 9,30am to 7pmseptember 13th: from 9,30am to 1pml.a.shirtmaker@gmail.com
The Cleverley brogues should be ready early Nov so ordered another pair of shoes - elastic sided half-brogue (think that might be the wrong term) in antique bordeaux (their ready-made patina leather). The model is called Jack, but being bespoke these can be made without a rear seam.
Feeling slightly bereft of bespoke projects. The Gaziano boots mentioned above should be ready in October, and I'm hoping the Cleverley shoes not long after. The only other project on the go is a double breasted suit from Meyer and Mortimer in this cloth (bought before the price went up on 1 April): http://www.themerchantfox.co.uk/prod/232/london-lounge/london-lounge-char-blue-windowpane Seeing Satriano Cinque for the first time on 12 Sep to kick some shirts off.
Graham Browne by the look of the shop.
Indeed - how do they compare to the latest prices from the mothership?
Is this from Cleverley? Never considered getting a watch strap from it but I think it would work well.How much do they charge if you don't mind my asking?
The first rule of reindeer club...
Nice idea for a thread. I have a pair of shoes and a pair of boots in the make. Shoes are Cleverley, like this but in the Russian reindeer: Boots are Gaziano & Girling, a bit like this but higher on the ankle and in navy:
It did feel quite heavy on the wrist to me when I tried it. I have a Sinn which also has a Faraday cage and the Rolex felt heavier.I love the look of the Milgauss GV apart from the shiny bracelet. I am tempted though to get one and switch to an orange rubber or green Nato strap.
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