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Thanks - the Aquatimer looks good and there's one available here.
Thanks - it's a bespoke stingray from these people in London:http://www.jean-rousseau.com
So, I've been chewing over my next watch and feel the need for something quite casual/sporty on a bracelet. Had a look at the Nautilus and Aquanaut range in a Patek boutique today and have also considered the Rolex Milgauss *but* have pretty much decided I don't like shiny bracelets.So any pointers as to a fairly plain sports watch on a titanium bracelet, budget GBP 5-10K? I really like the look of the Omega Planet Ocean and will try that on asap, but I suspect it'll be...
Thought I'd share my modest collection; request for advice coming next:
What about for those in the UK?
Have one of these in the make from Elia Caliendo - a summer 3 piece DB in a length of Minni's Airborne (RIP) that's been sitting around for a few years.Sounds eccentric I know, but my rationale is:- I'd like to try an Neopolitan DB- I prefer brace-cut to belted trousers for business suits- the waistcoat will work with the braced trousers- I can wear it jacket-less around the officeConsidered having my last DB made 3-piece but it was in a Fox 18oz flannel and I didn't want...
Isn't the unfunded liability the cost of the suit that you've then committed to having made at some point by purchasing the fabric?
Cashmere tie, Hilditch & Key:
Sorry - this should be clearer!
Cashmere gloves from Drakes. Serendipitously they match my casual briefcase.
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