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Tried on a few gold dress watches today (I don't own a single gold watch). VC Historique; VC Patrimony; Calatrava; JLC 1907 Master Ultra Thin. Lots of nice stuff. But hot damn, the one that is really singing my song is the Lange Saxonia 40mm Thin. How does Lange manage so much with so little?
Yes, I liked it a lot. Need to try an ordinary elongated Ellipse too. But it's quite 'standout' and I think I want a plainer gold dress watch that's less prominent (I don't have any gold watches).There are surprisingly few used Calatravas to try on in London boutiques.
Thoughts on this watch?
Exactly this. And the reason why it's the first Daytona I've been tempted by.
That's a good price. I'd be interested in 5m of either the true blue or the RAF blue. Any chance of some more photos?
Embarrassed to say I can't remember cloth. It's got quite a lot of green in it in the flesh. Will go with light brown, cream and pale blue trousers. Maybe even pale pink. Shouldn't be too difficult to pair.
Going to get this made up by Elia Caliendo. Summer jacket.
I must say I prefer the top version of the Dualtime, and if it had been available when I was buying a dress GMT I would have seriously considered it. Is it a new or old model? The JLC website is dreadful and is telling me they don't sell any dual timezone watches.
Back to Nomos. This was my entry into mechanical watches too, via the Tetra. Have still got it but will sell shortly - it's a nice watch but feels too small now. I also have a Tangomat GMT. Not this one with the 3 letter location code, but the earlier discontinued model with the number of hours +/- GMT: It's a nice size and I love the Bauhaus-inspired design. Would prefer the Lange Saxonia Dualtime, but that's 7 times the price... I've just had a look back at the...
New Posts  All Forums: