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Graham Browne by the look of the shop.
Indeed - how do they compare to the latest prices from the mothership?
Is this from Cleverley? Never considered getting a watch strap from it but I think it would work well.How much do they charge if you don't mind my asking?
The first rule of reindeer club...
Nice idea for a thread. I have a pair of shoes and a pair of boots in the make. Shoes are Cleverley, like this but in the Russian reindeer: Boots are Gaziano & Girling, a bit like this but higher on the ankle and in navy:
It did feel quite heavy on the wrist to me when I tried it. I have a Sinn which also has a Faraday cage and the Rolex felt heavier.I love the look of the Milgauss GV apart from the shiny bracelet. I am tempted though to get one and switch to an orange rubber or green Nato strap.
I can't comment on either of those firms, but Graham Browne off Bow Lane and Sims & McDonald on Lambs Conduit St will both make you a bespoke suit for under £1500. 2 months might be a bit of a push though.
BTW the stingray is much softer and more flexible than I thought it would be. They are extremely comfortable.
It does seem difficult handle the scales at the edges.
One more:
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