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I take your point, but ultimately I think Davide Taub came out of it pretty well. And having met him, I'd say it is a fairly accurate portrayal of his personality.
Fantastic New Yorker article about Davide Taub's work (Gieves and Hawkes): http://www.newyorker.com/business/currency/the-suit-that-couldnt-be-copied?mbid=rss
^ saw that on his site and think the gorge is too low
We are fucked.
Nice - is that a Smiths cloth? If so I have it made up in an SB 3 piece.
Sorry man.
Arrived today:
I've spent a lot on watches recently - need to slow down a bit.
I hate the Internet sometimes - following my post above I thought I'd just take a quick look to see what Milgausses were selling for in the UK. Found an unworn 2016 model (green glass, black dial) for £1000 off the list price with the 5 year Rolex guarantee. Couldn't resist *shamefaced*
Yep. And the BB is a lot of watch for £2K. But I think if I'm going to go for a fun weekend watch to throw on with casual clothes I might stick with the original plan and save up for a Milgauss.
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