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I'm definitely going to get the Luminor next time I pass through LHR and sell my Radiomir. The Radiomir isn't getting much wrist time as it's a bit caught in the middle between dressy and casual.The Lange is a long-term prospect. Far too expensive for me right now. I like it far more than the Perpetual which is too busy for my taste. I like clean symmetrical dials and the Lange is the most successful of that complication that I've seen.The Patek is lovely - when I was...
I love Caliendo's SBs but for some reason his DB cut just doesn't suit me.
The Patek store then WoS for the other two. I'm a bit embarrassed about how many times I go in there.
Kicking tyres this lunchtime (excuse the crappy phone pics). Reinforced my desire for a Lange Annual Calendar for my 50th, or earlier if possible.
I'm going to get Elia Caliendo to make it into a suit with SB 3-patch jacket and flat-fronted trousers with belt loops. My thinking is that the jacket and trousers will both work separately or together.Won't be commissioning this till early next year - he can normally turn a suit around in 3/4 months and so it'll be ready for late Spring. No point forking out too early.
I bought a dress watch earlier in the year. Wanted something slim, gold, no date and ideally no second hand. Was convinced I was going to end up with a Patek - I love the vintage Calatravas. But when it came to it, the older models on sale were too small and I didn't like the UFO-profile of the newer models. Ended up with a Saxonia Thin because I loved the case design.
It's not about actually passing the watch on though. It's about giving the present generation a warm feeling that their expensive purchase isn't solely a selfish act.
I seem to recall a lot of discussion of skin tone and cloth colour in Alan Flusser's Dressing the Man.
I saw the new ceramic panda Daytona in WoS Regent St. yesterday (in a glass case). Looked very nice to me, but I haven't taken much notice of Daytonas up to now. Apparently there's a 5 year waiting list!
I'm going for my first fitting tomorrow for my first cord suit. Went for brown (similar colour to those above) and a 3 piece SB.
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