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Tyre-kicking this lunchtime at Austin Kaye in London. Wanted to try on a Tudor Black Bay they had in stock. I like the look but the case wore quite large for a 40mm watch and it felt a bit lightweight and insubstantial compared to my Explorer II. Also tried a GMT Master and Seadweller while I was there.
Got mine in 2012 - think it was a pre-owned but unworn 2011 model (they were only launched in 2010 IIRC). Will do some pics later in week (away right now).
What's wrong with navy after dark?!
Will probably be selling my Radiomir PAM337 too if anyone's interested: (not my watch)
Good point on the 60s look. Also, the white reminds me more of the watch my Dad (RIP) used to wear. And yes, good prices in grey market @mimo.I'll chew on it some more (need to get tax rebate first...) but I think it'll be the white.
Which Glashütte Original Senator Sixties should I get - white, black or blue? I'm leaning towards the white as I like the combination with the gold hands and suspect it'll be easier to wear. I like the idea of the blue but it doesn't sing to me in the flesh. The black really pops in real life.
What's with the snark on the site of late? Let's play nice please.
Correct. Mine's the 40mm.I get the point about affect on functionality. I haven't mine Lange for that long, but certainly haven't noticed any of those issues.
A confession - I hadn't really noticed that the movement was small compared to the case size, and I don't really care. Do I get expelled from TWAT? Here's the rear view, taken just now. Presumably the movement ends at the inner edge of the rear bezel? Doesn't bother me.
IMO, the thing that makes the existing Saxonia Thin special is the finishing on the hands and hour sticks. It catches the light wonderfully. If they can stick to that level on the new model then I might be tempted by a white gold to pair with my rose gold model.
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