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Yep, and they have a website showing a few Pepsis for sale:
Drat - was delivered to work about 5 mins after Ieft.Pics tomorrow.
Don't want to hog Mimo's limelight, but I've got something arriving tomorrow too. Something I've been after for quite a while.
VAT is 20%. Not sure if you get it all back.
I had a shirt made once in bamboo. May have even been the Acorn range. It didn't last long.
Another with 2 girls! (9 & 11). Congratulations!
Simon Crompton had a summer DB made in navy hopsack.
Take a look at Stuart Lamprell: space at Meyer & Mortimer. Cut my first properly bespoke suit in 2003 when he was at Timorhy Everest.
I'm definitely going to get the Luminor next time I pass through LHR and sell my Radiomir. The Radiomir isn't getting much wrist time as it's a bit caught in the middle between dressy and casual.The Lange is a long-term prospect. Far too expensive for me right now. I like it far more than the Perpetual which is too busy for my taste. I like clean symmetrical dials and the Lange is the most successful of that complication that I've seen.The Patek is lovely - when I was...
I love Caliendo's SBs but for some reason his DB cut just doesn't suit me.
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