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Thanks for your comments. I am very pleased with them. Here's another photo for you.
Cleverley bespoke boots. Cordovan below; pebble-grain calf above.
Fosters made me a hip wallet in bridle leather which has been excellent. I particularly wanted a hard wearing leather as every OTR wallet I've had in the past has disintegrated at the 'hinge'. So far this one has been great, and was only £190 (from memory) which I thought was good value for a bespoke product. However, they did screw up a bit - I got them to copy a favourite OTR wallet and asked them to make it 1cm higher, which they forgot to do. I have just bought...
Just ordered double monks from Cleverley in black pebble-grain calf... ...with cap.
Two orders from Cleverley yesterday: 1. A winter derby boot - captoe galosh with the lower half made in no. 8 cordovan and the upper half in pebble grained calf. Commando sole for cycling round London in the winter. 2. A double monk cap toe in black pebble grained calf. Total price GBP 6000. The boots will be made first and will take a little while because they need to make a boot last (my first order with them was a shoe - false brogue oxford in black calf). W.
Need some advice about buying a Panerai in London. I've decided I'd like the PAM 338 model, which is the Radiomir 42mm titanium finish. The only lead I have is in Selfridges, where they have two on order (one of the two being reserved) at a price of GBP 5300. The trouble is (and all credit to the seller's honesty), they (a) don't know when Panerai will release the watches and (b) they require a GBP 1000 deposit to even get a look in. So I am faced with a prospect of...
I don't think Graham himself goes into the shop very much any more - the day to day work is done by Russell and Dan. Both are good cutters and I am sure would be happy to fix any problems with your suit. Was it 10 weeks from first measuring to completion? If so, that's really quite quick. I usually reckon on 3-4 months for a bespoke suit.
Yes, I saw that*. Bear in mind that my post you quoted is 18 months old and represents my experience in the preceding few years to that - I haven't used GB for some time and so can't comment on their recent work. I did get the impression however when I was last there that they were overworked.Edit to add: *mein Gott, only just seen the new photos. No way is that representative of GB's work. Needs fixing fast.
An update on Meyer & Mortimer: their prices have gone up by quite a bit. My last suit (a two piece DB) was £2600 plus VAT at 20% = £3120 and I am having a 3 piece (SB peak lapel, 1B, DB vest) made with my own cloth for which the total price will be about the same.Probably brings them up to a similar level to comparable Row tailors i.e. before they were under-priced compared to the market.
Quote: Originally Posted by RSS Part of that could have been due to cloth selection and/or a rise in prices. Have you asked why the greater cost? Although as you note, you are happy. It was a Lessers cloth (very nice blue pinstripe with a slight 'ridge' stripe between each pinstripe) and I assume that caused the hike. In fact I did ask that at the time (I mean when I was given the bill on collection), but there was so much awkwardness...
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