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Bespoke bootees, Gaziano & Girling.
Interesting. Mine was tailored perfectly (by Paul Munday at Meyer and Mortimer). Whereas the suit he made me from Rangoon doesn't hang quite as well.I have another length of Airborne left (grey with blue/white multistripe) and I am thinking about asking Elia Caliendo to make me a Neapolitan DB with vest.
I bought a couple of lengths direct from Minnis when they were selling it off cheap. Plain navy and black/white houndstooth. It's pretty good, but not as good as their Airborne imo, which manages to be both lighter in weight and hangs better.
Absolutely - the main reason I bought it. Although actually it's less 'farmyard' than the reindeer belt they made me.
It's incredibly annoying. Without that I'd buy it like a shot.
At last we see the real Vox behind the pixellated image:http://instagram.com/p/nl5R5Wi1G6/?modal=true
The cloth looks a lot like the Minnis Rangoon I mentioned upthread. I did have mine made up and wear it occasionally, but don't have any photos kicking around.
Here are some photos, unfortunately just iPhone with background office clutter.
Will take some more on Monday.
Yep - I've got one like yours in black from Pickett (not quite as nice as your by the look of it) and it is quite a bit thinner than the Cleverley one with a zip that goes most of the way round. Is also lighter and more flexible.I didn't really *need* the Cleverley one, but couldn't resist...
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