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Here are some photos, unfortunately just iPhone with background office clutter.
Will take some more on Monday.
Yep - I've got one like yours in black from Pickett (not quite as nice as your by the look of it) and it is quite a bit thinner than the Cleverley one with a zip that goes most of the way round. Is also lighter and more flexible.I didn't really *need* the Cleverley one, but couldn't resist...
So I am told! It certainly smells similar to the belt they made me. I confess that I also have a pair of highland brogues on order in the same leather, so come Christmas I shall be fully-Santa compliant.
Cross-post with 'Recent Purchases' thread -
Folio case from Cleverley in Russian reindeer:
Other options are Sims and Macdonald (opposite side of street to C&L) and Graham Browne.
Minnis flannel is excellent. Here is mine (Meyer & Mortimer). Can't remember the number I'm afraid.[/IMG]
Saw Luca this morning. They are fully booked for this visit. Back in town Oct 23-25.
Yes - but as far as I know it is by appointment only:"The Travellers Club" 106, Pall Mall:september 11th: from 3,30 to 7pmseptember 12th: from 9,30am to 7pmseptember 13th: from 9,30am to 1pml.a.shirtmaker@gmail.com
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