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Well I hope there isn't another pair out there ;-)
They are bespoke.
Chelsea boots in elephant hide by Gaziano and Girling. Really pleased with these.
Adam Law is still there. I am very happy with his work.
Teemu and Andrew have both left. Not sure about 3rd error.
I share your concerns about buying via Chrono24. I found my Lange Saxonia Thin via them earlier in the year and ended up going to the seller directly and paying a small deposit by Visa so that if it all went wrong I would have some consumer protection. Chrono24 doesn't offer this, despite what they say. Also, I had tried the Lange on in London so had no worries on that score.With this watch I just took the risk. The cost was a lot lower, as you can imagine. They come up so...
Might put a darker strap on it.
OK so it's arrived - picture below. I've been looking for one of these for a while and had the reference number set up as a saved search on Chrono24. Got an alert on Sunday, accepted their offer, paid via Chrono24's escrow service and it was shipped from Spain on Wed to arrive at the office Thu.
Yep, and they have a website showing a few Pepsis for sale:
Drat - was delivered to work about 5 mins after Ieft.Pics tomorrow.
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