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This over-sized watch trend is getting ridiculous.
Any update on this?
Thanks - they gave me a good price (I was waiting on one for a long time) and gave me a decent part-exchange price on an old over-sized Glycine too.
Just noticed this thread. My contribution:
Thanks for all the advice about brushed steel bracelet watches. I tried on a Seamaster at the London Omega store this morning, then a couple of Ingenieurs at the IWC store. Then I went to Austin Kaye on the Strand and bought an Explorer 1016
No. No coat neither.
Great news. I'm gonna get Elia Caliendo to make mine into some trousers. What's everyone else doing?
Ah, thanks guys. I'll give the new Explorer ii a go, although I thinks it's the look of the bezel rather than rotation that's the issue.
Does it have a rotating bezel like the new style? Don't like those :-(Also, won't solve the waterproofing issue. If I go vintage, it'll be a 1016.
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