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I've got the 337 on a brown-ish burgundystrap and it looks great. Will try to find time to post up a photo over the weekend.
I made a purchase too. They had the Exp. II tax free at LHR and I couldn't resist. Photo from SFO, about to fly to LAX then home.
Cloth arrived this morning - excellent service.
Sorry man :-(Not sure about shipping. Yes they are UK based.
Good point on the vibration - I hadn't though of that. Seems to be OK though (for now).
I bought a Reverso UT for cycling to and from the office. The idea was to flip it to save any dings (even though in 30+ years of cycling - and a few tumbles - I've never damaged a watch). About a month after purchase I notices a few scratches - on the dial side :-/
Thanks for posting this - I hadn't heard of them but couldn't resist just buying the last 3 m of the W. Bill Rust Silk & Lambswool. A bargain at £20/m and have been thinking about commissioning a brown/rust jacket for A/W.Hoping 3m will be enough...
Yep, but I want it tax free, which means the airport store :-)
I now really really want one.
I am flying out of LHR Sunday to the US. Have just rung Watches of Switzerland - yes they do have the Exp. II in stock; no they can't reserve it for me, even if I put down a deposit; no, they can't even take the full amount by phone for me to pick up Sunday. Bizarre tax free rules I suppose. Fingers crossed it's still there Sunday.
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