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Wearing my (44mm) PAM 562 today. Really enjoying this one.
You can have braces without a vest but you can't have a vest without braces (on a business suit).
I have a DB 3 piece. You can't really see the vest under the jacket. I quite often take off my jacket in the office though and like to wear a vest as it's smarter and covers the braces.
Some Nomos action from me too (waiting for flight from Beijing to Shanghai to take off).
Alas it's not a sandwich dial - just applied numbers. A reason to keep my Radiomir 337 (which is).Everything else holds true though.
New kop - PAM 562 at LHR T5.
^these are pretty much exactly my stats except I'm 56/46L and I usually play it safe and order 3m for a sport coat. Mainly because the cost of the extra 0.5m is negligible.
Yes I wouldn't wear it for work. But I think you're all right - it's safer to go for a jacket.
I sent off for a swatch of this one - it looks and feels amazing and I am seriously tempted to order a jacket's length. Would a suit be too much do you think:
I love Cucinelli's stuff but Loro Piana is better for the larger gentleman. Have been buying a lot recently. Not vicuna though!
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