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Another one of mine.
Snap. However, the positive way of looking at it is that I got to experiment with bespoke and get that early stage out of my system at Graham Browne rather than Savile Row prices.
It's not a complete answer to your question, but I made the mistake of going for 'cheap' bespoke for a few years. Add a result there are half a dozen suits I never wear. However back then I couldn't have afforded the suits I buy now.
My contribution (please forgive the terrible photo):
Managed to track down a Tangomat GMT Plus (now discontinued).
May just have to go for the Lange Dual Time instead.
Ah, you're ahead of me.
Annoyingly they seem to have discontinued the Tangomat GMT Plus which had the time difference in +/- GMT rather than using the three letter airport code.
Well I've never seen a blue camel but now I want a coat made out of one.
Bespoke bootees, Gaziano & Girling.
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