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Quote: Originally Posted by fox81 M&M appears to be a lot more expensive than Graham Browne though. I have two suits from there now and the last one was only 600gbp, due to it being some clearance fabric they had (a wool/mohair dormeiul) Yes; as I have said elsewhere I think Graham Browne offers the best price/quality ratio. Meyer & Mortimer's work is undeniably better, particularly with very lightweight fabric; whether you think it's...
Quote: Originally Posted by Frog in Suit I went through the same B & C/M & M decision process almost three years ago. The prices, I seem to remember, were then the same. I chose M & M because I liked the place and the people; also, they only do tailoring, whereas B & C 's business is also cufflinks, ties, shirts, etc. I am going back to M & M next week to order a suit I do not need... I am looking forward to the visit. Frog in Suit I am...
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria I didn't choose them, Whittaker did. They are about the nicest MoP buttons that have I seen. Sean O'Flynn uses very similar buttons.
Quote: Originally Posted by mgomes Thank you for the suggestions! Uniqlo prices are rock botton, 10£ for a lambswool sweater? Are they "wear and throw away" items, otherwise how are those prices possible? Small Chinese children I suspect. Their lambswool isn't great but their cashmere is pretty good and the merino wool extraordinary for the money.
Quote: Originally Posted by Elmo Don't forget Westerway & Westerway [near the British Museum]. Excellent prices and a wide selection Their website says the London store closed in May 2003.
Uniqlo has particularly good QPR.
The problem isn't the colour so much as the combination of colour and smooth finish. I have a pair of Churches adelaides of that colour but they are wonderfully mottled - pair beautifully with brown flannel, burgundy moleskins, and most blue denims.
Too short. 4-6 weeks on average I'd have said.
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan You forgot to mention that the encyclopedia is on CD-ROM. That will cost you precious AndyPoints. Now down-loadable I think you'll find. You are so behind the times.
I just asked Foster & Son for a quote to copy a favourite wallet in cordovan. If BB OTR costs 400 bucks I think I better be sitting down when they tell me the price.
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