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Quote: Originally Posted by Frog in Suit Why the different approaches to SB and DB? Are they worn in different contexts? Same context (work). I have some SBs from Meyer & Mortimer too that I am happy with, but there is a comfort level from a draped suit that appeals to me and Stephen Hitchcock really nailed the fit with the SB he made for me. I was less convinced by the look of his DB. The M&M DB on the other hand looked fantastic and...
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar It also depends of your evolving sartorial taste... I love structured one button look a la Huntsman and now I have moved to the double-breasted Anderson&Sheppard drape ... Why? Different moods different ages different suits... Quite - although I have gone the other way - structured DBs from Meyer & Mortimer and drapey SBs from Stephen Hitchcock.
Sean O'Flynn will make you a bespoke shirt in Loro Piana cloth for £190.
Quote: Originally Posted by bengal-stripe Yes, they were on the web-site and I provided a link in my opening post: http://www.savilerowbespoke.com/fiel...ld-Day-map.pdf Thank you; I should have paid more attention (although I would have missed most of them anyway as I was there at lunchtime).
I was there briefly and enjoyed the seeing the sheep on the closed road in the wonderful sunshine. However, were any of the talks/activities in the various houses actually advertised? I didn't see any flyers or posters.
Does anyone know how much extra it costs to use Russian calf on Cleverley bespoke? Their 'standard' bespoke is £2300 inc. trees.
Quote: Originally Posted by ronmill What can one expect concerning price point with Timothy Everest? Price from Dec 2009 for three piece SB = £2850 inc. VAT. I received a 20% discount on that as they were running a promotion on bespoke tailoring.
Sean O'Flynn will make a custom collar.
Hope to be there at lunchtime.
Just bought this 1962 Eterna-matic from Neil at Chronomaster, UK: (picture courtesy of Chronomaster)
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