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I just asked Foster & Son for a quote to copy a favourite wallet in cordovan. If BB OTR costs 400 bucks I think I better be sitting down when they tell me the price.
The Minnis Airborne range weighs in at 6.5-7 oz and has some very sober dark fabrics. It also tailors beautifully, is not the least bit flimsy, and is on its way out and thereore on special offer.
Brown - flannel (double pleat with belt loops) covert cloth made inside out (single pleat with side adjusters) camel moleskin (double pleat with belt loops and PTUs) beige/white striped linen (double pleat with belt loops) camel cotton (flat front with belt loops) - Joseph Green - wool/silk mix (double pleat with belt loops and PTUs) Grey - lightweight cotton (double pleat with belt loops) flannel (single pleat with belt loops) - Jaeger thin wale cord (flat front...
+1 on the DB
Quote: Originally Posted by mmkn Thus, the key design and fit areas are the collar and cuffs. But the collar is one of the hardest things to get right. The MTM shirts I've tried haven't managed it.
Quote: Originally Posted by R.O. Thornhill Must stop recommending SOF - when I went to see him yesterday he appeared very busy, with a lot of new customer orders. Will let you know if this causes any delays - but would not imagine so I ordered a batch on 23 July and they will only be ready end of next week. Don't know how that compares with others' turnaround. Also summer has intervened.
I'd agree on Sean O'Flynn's ability to make a trim shirt, but I have had the 'tenting' problem with Budd and Connock & Lockie (although the in the case of the latter the cutter is not the same person that measures you, so not sure that is true bespoke). The first bespoke shirts I had made were at Ede & Ravenscroft and I went elsewhere only because of price - the fit was as good as Sean's although I prefer Sean's collars.
I ordered 5m of a Minnis Airborne pinstripe on special offer and asked my tailor to make a 2 piece with extra trousers. When he measured it Minnis had only sent 4m (I hadn't checked) but thankfully they still had some left and they kindly sent it for free to make up for their mistake. In fact he needed to 5.5m in total (i.e. they sent another 1.5m) which I put down to the fact I am 6'4" with a 40" waist. I was lucky the tailor managed to sort it all out and it has been...
Quote: Originally Posted by Kentishman Pretty sure Graham Browne do alterations as well as garments... I'm not sure they're that happy about being known as an alterations tailor. I think they'd prefer to concentrate on making suits.
Finally got round to taking my length of Minnis Rangoon black/white houndstooth into Graham Brown. After much agonising over the last few months, have gone for: 2B SB peak lapel with side vents; buggy lined in lilac; black buttons 5 button show 6 SB waistcoat with four welt pockets with black back lining Brace top trousers with fishtail back; double pleats and 2" turn-ups First fitting in 2/3 weeks; should be finished for the Christmas party season.
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