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edit - wrong thread
Thanks - here's the watch I actually put on this morning: Eterna-Matic Centenaire 61
Steven Hitchcock. It's a Smiths cloth.
As requested, with added turn back action (still a crappy iPhone pick though I'm afraid):
New Sinn 856s (I won't usually be wearing this with a suit):
The first example of WAYWRN? The accountant who created the first book of fashion: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-22766029
I can take credit for choosing the purple lining and the suede colour, but the rest was Cleverley's design.
Have only worn a couple of times, but yes, very comfortable (more immediately so than the calf leather shoes Cleverley have made for me).
Thanks - I'll see how the sole works out. I'm a city cyclist so leather soles are a bit problematic on my casual shoes.
Summer suedes from Cleverley:
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