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The underside:
Cross-post with the stingray footwear thread:
Here you go.
They are here. Will post some photos when I get home tonight.
And here's a quick wrist shot:
We'll I bought it and am very happy with the way it looks, I have to say it hasn't been keeping good time. I am travelling a lot this week but it is still gaining by up to 5 minutes a day which obviously isn't right. That said, in the last few days, it seems to have settled down. Is this possible with a new watch? I seem to remember that my Panerai took a while to settle down.
Except when you bring it back into the UK you are meant to declare it and pay duty, right?
Yes, it feels a lot thicker to me, but I think I am unusually sensitive to thick watches (normally wear a Nomos Tetra or Eternamatic dress watch which are even thinner). Other dimensions are the same I think.I thought I would like the Grande Taille more. Just goes to show you need to see the damn things irl.
Ah, OK. Have always thought it's a bit off there isn't more choice at T5 considering it's the flagship terminal.
Different store I think. I've been in touch with the M&W store but good to hear there's another option.ETA - I found the Grand Taille too thick for my tastes, and surprisingly I found the face to be a bit cluttered compared to the simplicity of the UT (which on paper I thought might be a bit plain). Also the Reverso Classique is tiny!
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