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I have this problem with most of my suits as I have a rounded back and a pronounced stoop. It's a bugger to fix.
The design really makes pattern matching a bitch too.
Quote: Originally Posted by brax Thanks for the feedback. I went with a single breasted, dark blue nailhead, peak lapel. No hacking pockets and no ticket pocket. Single breasted vest. Funnily enough I have this in mind for my length of Minnis Rangoon dark blue pindot - but perhaps with a db waistcoat.
Quote: Originally Posted by Vox Populi I think they need to push a "Villiers" styled boot (impossible to obtain online or in-store) more - perhaps a chestnut boot on dainite. Maybe the "Belgrave" as a balmoral. The Harlech seems to have a similar look to the Villiers - but ordinary cap toe without the line of brogueing. And in Cordovan! Leather sole though.
Quote: Originally Posted by Vintage Gent I realize it's a quaint notion, but I believe each partner in a marriage has an obligation to be financially accountable to the other. In a general sense I'd agree - there is an obligation not to run your finances into the ground. Accounting for individual items is another matter however.
I'm amazed that this is an issue for so many. What business is it of theirs what you spend your money on? Unless it's money they've earned and you are kept men, but I doubt it somehow. Our model = we both work and have our own bank accounts. A set sum from each gets paid into a joint account monthly to fund joint expenditure (household; kids; holidays etc.). I pay more than her as I earn more. What's left is ours to spend as we wish.
I have a length of Minnis Airborne 0406 (medium grey with a white and blue alternating pinstripes). The blue is very subtle and there are twice as many white stripes to blue. I can't quite decide if I like it or not.
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar I'm thinking using him . Are you happy with his work and what are his prices now? He has made me half a dozen shirts (a mix of casual and business). He nailed the fit pretty much perfectly on the first shirt - all I changed was collar shape and to slim the sleeves down a bit. The sewing could be improved (to my inexpert eye), e.g. occasional threads coming off buttons and ragged buttonholes. Cost starts at...
Quote: Originally Posted by fox81 M&M appears to be a lot more expensive than Graham Browne though. I have two suits from there now and the last one was only 600gbp, due to it being some clearance fabric they had (a wool/mohair dormeiul) Yes; as I have said elsewhere I think Graham Browne offers the best price/quality ratio. Meyer & Mortimer's work is undeniably better, particularly with very lightweight fabric; whether you think it's...
Quote: Originally Posted by Frog in Suit I went through the same B & C/M & M decision process almost three years ago. The prices, I seem to remember, were then the same. I chose M & M because I liked the place and the people; also, they only do tailoring, whereas B & C 's business is also cufflinks, ties, shirts, etc. I am going back to M & M next week to order a suit I do not need... I am looking forward to the visit. Frog in Suit I am...
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