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There's a French guy called Marc who does shoeshine at lunchtimes next to Bow church on Cheapside (a 2 min walk from Bank). £3.50 a pop. Edit to add - and you can pop in to Graham Browne tailors in Well Court (off Bow Lane) while you're at it.
Quote: Originally Posted by whnay. I'm eyeing the mini houndstooth black / white Rangoon as it seems everything else is sold out or nearly sold out. I bought 4.0m of that. Am considering a DB suit with patch pockets.
Could you show us a side shot? I wonder if it's a bit short at the front.
Thought I'd resurrect this thread as I've picked up a length of Minnis Rangoon (0136) in their sale. I'd like to do something fun with it, and was thinking maybe a DB suit with patch pockets. Any other suggestions?
Quote: Originally Posted by DuMont How about dark navy with a very subtle windowpane check in med. blue? Or dark Charcoal w/ lavendar windowpane check? Funnily enough I've been thinking recently that a windowpane would be a good idea - and I like the idea of the charcoal/lavender. I'd also love a light grey flannel with lots of mottling. Probably should slow down after the summer commission though
Quote: Originally Posted by fox81 Im heading down to Graham Browne for my baste fitting later today. How much is a M&M suit worth anyway? Price from earlier this year: 3 piece suit was £2339 less discount of 7.5% plus VAT of 15% = £2,488.12 (I believe the discount is given for the first suit ordered). That's what it cost; what it's worth is rather more subjective. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on Graham Browne.
Quote: Originally Posted by fox81 so can you pick one of these as the best suited to you and that you'd use regularly from hereon? Certainly business suits from Meyer & Mortimer. I would go for Connock & Lockie for sports jackets if I could be convinced that they could turn a jacket around in a reasonable timeframe, but at the moment I think they are overworked and I am not sure it's going to get better. So my next sports jacket will be...
Quote: Originally Posted by Frog in Suit If I understand correctly, the OP has already reached that decision: he wants to "step up" to SR bespoke quality. Frog in Suit Correct - have a look at the post I linked to TheWraith for my thoughts at that time on the downside of Graham Browne. In fact, since then Russ and Dan have pretty much taken over from Graham and things have if anything improved - a better choice of fabrics and a better...
No minimum order at Sean O'Flynn. Starting price £165 iirc. He has some fantastic Loro Piana linen/cotton mixes at £205.
Quote: Originally Posted by Loudly Boldly resurrecting this post. Has anyone used Connock & Lockie or Sims & Macdonald recently? And does anyone care to share pictures? I've been in the MTM camp for a while (in the price range of Sims bespoke), and am thinking of moving to full bespoke. I am tossed up on spending a lot of money at Meyer & Mortimer for what will no doubt be top notch work, or going with one of the above as a toe in the water and/or...
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