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I like the Panerai look but not the size. Some models are 42m (Radiomir) or even 40mm (Luminor) but seem hard to come by, new (in London) or s/hand. I also want it to be manual wound. Any ideas? Also, is there a single web source which displays model number, picture, size and movement (i.e. automatic or manual)?
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan My first inclination is to go English, probably Cleverly. G&G is a bit too slick for me, and I'm prioritizing fit over design. Lobb London/Paris are way too pricey. What else is there? Fosters? My limited experience - one pair from Fosters (a couple of years ago) and one pair in the making with Cleverly. The Fosters look fantastic but the fit is disappointing and (though lovely people) they were...
Quote: Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger Now I know what Fresco is, I've seen it and felt it. I have a piece of vintage Loro Piana fabric thats labelled 50% Mohair 50% Wool. This is basically what Fresco is correct? It feels and looks like the exact same weave. Fresco is a registered trade mark of Huddersfield Fine Worsteds Ltd.
If you can secure a table in the newly-opened Savoy Grill, then that would be a very special British meal. I would go for the evening to escape the business lunches.
Jaeger have some nice coats this season.
The Chancery Lane store has a one-day 20% off everything sale today (excluding legalwear). Some lovely formal wear but I made do with a wine-red wool & silk tie and some navy boxcloth braces.
Petridis is a great musical journalist but the fashion column is extremely irritating, mainly because it it predicated on not taking men's clothing seriously, in contrast to the women's column above (written by the lovely Jess Cartner-Morley).
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton Somebody has to do all that head of statey stuff. If you make it the head of gov't then you can't abuse him to the same degree. You also can't kick him out at the drop of a hat. Good kings and queens also have a unifying effect that is useful, which no HoS who is also a HoG, however good, can ever have. I'd be happier with the figurehead stuff being done by a hereditary monarch if they ditched the...
Richard Anderson.
Very nice shape. Jacket a touch short for my liking.
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