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Snap. Love the way it hangs though.
Thanks - I thought that was probably the case - they are quoting something like £7K and they don't at the moment have a 1971.Any suggestions for other London dealers?
I've been carefully considering all the suggestions (including the great list of Mimo's http://www.styleforum.net/t/36253/the-watch-appreciation-thread/41715#post_7743660) and I think I'm tending towards getting an Explorer I.I like the new 39mm size but the 3/6/9 numbers are a bit shiny. Preferred a vintage (1972) model I tried on in Burlington Arcade (crappy pic below) and I think the smaller size is OK on my wrist - what do people think?May hold out for a 1971 model...
Wowsers. Thanks - will work through these tonight.
Thanks but dial looks a bit fussy for my monkish tastes.
Thanks - the Aquatimer looks good and there's one available here.
Thanks - it's a bespoke stingray from these people in London:http://www.jean-rousseau.com
So, I've been chewing over my next watch and feel the need for something quite casual/sporty on a bracelet. Had a look at the Nautilus and Aquanaut range in a Patek boutique today and have also considered the Rolex Milgauss *but* have pretty much decided I don't like shiny bracelets.So any pointers as to a fairly plain sports watch on a titanium bracelet, budget GBP 5-10K? I really like the look of the Omega Planet Ocean and will try that on asap, but I suspect it'll be...
Thought I'd share my modest collection; request for advice coming next:
What about for those in the UK?
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