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Not even buggy lined on a Fresco? That really is stubborn.
Colour coordination.
Did you notice though that the Rolex date wheel in @Belligero's post above has open 6s and 9s except for the 26.Sloppy.
Interesting - I hadn't heard this. Elia Caliendo made me a three piece DB (I had 5m of cloth to use up. Also, I like to have a waistcoat to wear with bracetop trousers). The waistcoat was fine - nothing special, but workmanlike.
I just preferred the look of the white. Also, I have a 1974 Explorer I (1016) so the white face was a contrast to that.
A few thoughts on the Explorer II after a week:- It's sized just right for my wrist. Probably the maximum I'd wear, which is why I went for this rather than e.g. a 44mm Luminor- I bought it at LHR en route for a short US business trip, and because I didn't want to leave it in my hotel room, I wore it out there even with a suit. I wouldn't normally do this (I have a Nomos Tangente GMT for business trips), and I was surprised that the Explorer didn't feel horribly out of...
If I wasn't into mechanical watches then I'd definitely get an Apple watch. Being able to get notifications of texts/emails/calls showing up on my wrist without having to take the phone out of my pocket would be very useful. There is also the possibility of its acting as a GPS-driven navigator for bicycle journeys (eg vibrate once for left, twice for right). Of course, as I am into mechanical watches, I will not be wearing an Apple watch.
I've just noticed that in the photo I posted, the watch has Bloody Mary drips on the face. Truly the traveller's watch.
I've got the 337 on a brown-ish burgundystrap and it looks great. Will try to find time to post up a photo over the weekend.
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