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Does anyone know how much extra it costs to use Russian calf on Cleverley bespoke? Their 'standard' bespoke is £2300 inc. trees.
Quote: Originally Posted by ronmill What can one expect concerning price point with Timothy Everest? Price from Dec 2009 for three piece SB = £2850 inc. VAT. I received a 20% discount on that as they were running a promotion on bespoke tailoring.
Sean O'Flynn will make a custom collar.
Hope to be there at lunchtime.
Just bought this 1962 Eterna-matic from Neil at Chronomaster, UK: (picture courtesy of Chronomaster)
Worth having a look in Jaeger. They have a sale on at the mo'. There's one on Cheapside as well as the Regent St mothership.
Quote: Originally Posted by kraftar She just received a promotion at work, she could use a nice suit, and her birthday is coming up. Plus, it is different... Good for you. I bought my wife a bespoke suit a few years back from John Pearse in Soho. He did a pretty good job - he's quite unconventional though so may not be to your wife's taste.
Quote: Originally Posted by uluvbs I realize I'm asking the world, but is anyone able to recommend a good shirt maker in London who isn't overly expensive? I'd be looking to pay no more than 90-95GBP and would expect decent quality (2x100s) fabric. As said above, are you looking for RTW or MTM? Plenty of options for good RTW in that price range; none that I know of for MTM. I did try Susanna Hall for a while - her MTMs are in that...
Considering another summer shoe from Lodger.
Minnis has a glen plaid in its Fresco (TM) book. Light grey/white with light blue overcheck.
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