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It's a lovely watch and I'm not sending it back. It's just a niggle really.
Hang on, that doesn't work. The crown adjusts both dials simultaneously, so two steps *are* necessary by your method.
Yes, that would solve the problem. But that involves (1) manually adjusting the light dial using the crown when arriving at your destination and then (2) using the pusher to adjust the dark dial back to home time rather than simply using the hour pusher to adjust the dark dial to destination time.
Arrived a day early. Love it and knew I would as I have an UT already and had tried this on in a showroom. BUT - I hadn't quite appreciated that the pusher changed the time on the dark face. That suggests that the dark face should display the travel time, with the light face staying at the home time - agreed? But that means that the day/night indicator relates to the zone you're in - when you don't need it. It seems to me that it would be more useful to know whether it's...
Have been thinking for a while of trading my Nomos Tangente GMT for a Reverso UT Duoface. The Nomos isn't quite getting the wrist time. On reflection the lugs are too long for my taste. Was going to polish my Grande UT and try selling that and the Nomos before buying the Duoface (2 out for 1 in - trying to be good). However, have just spotted the Duoface new for 75% of retail - couldn't resist and have bought it. Arriving Friday!
I bought the blue version. IMO it's too heavy for summer. I'm (eventually) going to get it made as a DB.
It is lovely and I was briefly tempted but it is pretty expensive - I bought a mint Lange Saxonia Thin for the same price.
One more here:
Agreed. The Lange Annual seems pretty much perfect to me. Better than the Lange Perpetual too. Haven't tried on the Patek though.
What would people choose between a Lange and a Patel annual calendar?
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