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Yep - mock leno swatch here:
The Milgauss was the first Rolex that sang to me, siren-like from the double page ads in the men's glossies. This was back when I only knew about the Rolexes with prominent numbered bezels (like the Sub and the GMT) and didn't think I liked them.Fast forward 5 years and I have a GMT II Polar Explorer, a vintage Explorer I (1016) and a green glass black dial Milgauss. Although funnily enough the Milgauss was the last one in.One of the reasons I held back was the polished...
Have ordered a swatch.
The mock leno looks great - perfect for a summer blazer I'd have thought.
I have a 337. Would have liked the 338 even more but they are like titanium gold dust.
Has anyone tried on the Luminor Due (the thin one)?
I tried on a blue Patek Ellipse the other day and also found the dial to be too flat and not blue enough.
That's stunning.
Explorer 2 has it I think.
To give a bit of contrast, Luca got my fit spot-on first time. Only required some minor stylistic adjustments.
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