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As we're talking JLC, this caught my eye in the Royal Arcade in London last week:
A birthday present to myself:
I had a shirt made out of bamboo (not sure if it was Acorn) and the cuffs and collar wore away very quickly. No problem with machine washing though.
Busy! Great, but busy.
@BostonHedonist if you want good access to Canary Wharf then you want to be located near the Jubilee line (the silver one). That means Southwark, Bermondsey or further north St. John's Wood/West Hampstead. Alternatively you can get the DLR from Greenwich.
Just about to visit NYC then San Fran on business (from the UK) and will be taking a 3 piece and a DB.
Snap. Love the way it hangs though.
Thanks - I thought that was probably the case - they are quoting something like £7K and they don't at the moment have a 1971.Any suggestions for other London dealers?
I've been carefully considering all the suggestions (including the great list of Mimo's http://www.styleforum.net/t/36253/the-watch-appreciation-thread/41715#post_7743660) and I think I'm tending towards getting an Explorer I.I like the new 39mm size but the 3/6/9 numbers are a bit shiny. Preferred a vintage (1972) model I tried on in Burlington Arcade (crappy pic below) and I think the smaller size is OK on my wrist - what do people think?May hold out for a 1971 model...
Wowsers. Thanks - will work through these tonight.
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