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^^ I got it, Bob and thought what you wrote was funny. Same to you. Sartorialism - I believe Bhowie took exception to the use of the word "chillin'" in your post, since he highligted it in his quote. Maybe you are supposed to use things like "WTF, lame and mofo." No idea really, guess he can respond... EZ
I shall waste no time in submitting pictures! EZ
Quote: Originally Posted by Blackfyre This is Socal, yall slipping Fixed that for ya. EZ
Quote: Originally Posted by xanatos Early birthday present for myself amd O camt decide which ones are better. I bought the Parigi but Wifey says they are too greasy and the Main is better..She doesnt like either. They fit like a dream and I love em!..help me decide which one to keep cause I bought them both http://shop.nordstrom.com/S/3071211?...esultback=1022 or http://shop.nordstrom.com/S/2965392 I like your wife. Not a big fan of...
Quote: Originally Posted by ginlimetonic typical pretentious answer to a typical residency interview. Quote: Originally Posted by LRMD I guess you think I'm talking about how elite my specific interview is, which is in no way the case. It's really a different kind of situation that I don't feel the need to discuss in detail, and I'm not a medical student. A typical presumptuous asshole, making the assumption you want so...
Quote: Originally Posted by F. Corbera I find it impossible to choose between the two. Well done. EZ
Hmmm, noble effort OP! However, I've accepted this place is a cross between a Gentleman's club (not that kind, a real one,) a frat house, and purse forum. Welcome. EZ
[quote=And slide #5 is freaking hilarious! And completely agree with it.[/QUOTE] Where's our Harvard man? EZ
Foooooooooo! EZ
Quote: Originally Posted by Ianiceman I'll join your minority Cary Grant. 15 suits and 25 blazers/sports jackets and not a single vent among them. ^ You'd love my tailor. He prefers to make jackets without vents and insists vents "are just a trend." He's certifiable crazy though, so... However, he does amazing work, and so I keep him. EZ
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