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Ha, good luck! EZ
Allen Edmonds (up from Ecco...) New RLBL suit Threw away all my ties (cheap printed...) and bought quality And it's only just begun. Feel free to send me any extra money you might have to fund my new habits. EZ
Thanks for the link music, I looked through it. However I concur with the Doctor, that thread deteriorated rapidly into worthless drivel with no real answers. Maybe it's just a personal preference thing and there is no "correct" answer. Dunno. EZ
Okay, newbie question. I understand what a 3/2 roll is, but not clear on it's purpose. Seems like if you normally just button the middle button, why not just have a 2 button suit? Sorry if it seems a silly question, just trying to learn. EZ
Generally more on clothes than shoes. EZ
I agree, the ties shouldn't be worn with those shirts. #3 is not bad with a solid shirt. Otherwise I refer you to
In all seriousness, I have no idea... Sorry. EZ EZ
Quote: Originally Posted by aguydude fix'd That works too. EZ
It looks nice, not "female." However I'd look for something a bit cheaper and use the savings to treat the girlfriend to dinner... EZ
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