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Okay, newbie question. I understand what a 3/2 roll is, but not clear on it's purpose. Seems like if you normally just button the middle button, why not just have a 2 button suit? Sorry if it seems a silly question, just trying to learn. EZ
Generally more on clothes than shoes. EZ
I agree, the ties shouldn't be worn with those shirts. #3 is not bad with a solid shirt. Otherwise I refer you to http://users.elite.net/runner/jennifers/no.htm
In all seriousness, I have no idea... Sorry. EZ
http://users.elite.net/runner/jennifers/no.htm EZ
Quote: Originally Posted by aguydude fix'd That works too. EZ
It looks nice, not "female." However I'd look for something a bit cheaper and use the savings to treat the girlfriend to dinner... EZ
A tool belt for a tool... EZ
Sorry dude, I got nada! EZ
Unbelievable. EZ
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