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I like both of deh Vox. They give me a laugh, ours with his snark, Bono with his ego. Plus I like our Vox's new incarnation. The most important question is which has the better sunglasses? EZ
Paging holymadness. EZ
I like that Bono Vox and Vox Sartoria have so much in common. Vox is dead. Long live Vox! EZ
Quote: Originally Posted by Cary Grant I nosed around it when I firat found out about it. Never found anything remotely in my size or that wasn't so "fashionable" as to be quickly dated. I'm sure here are deals to be had, but I usually shop for what I want, not what's left over and happens to fit. Never been one to chase discounts... even though I'm a certified small-timer. My experience exactly. EZ
Neither did I. Guess I hadn't seen it anywhere, although I'm still a noob on here. All my pants are flat front - as a slender dude, I feel they look best on me. Your mileage may vary I reckon. EZ
Found that kind of interesting. I hate square toed shoes with the fervor of an SF Inquisitor, but guess old Ben Franklin didn't see it our way. I do own a pair of the Frye's, love 'em. EZ
Quote: Originally Posted by RSS I have a preference for English makers ... but that's all it is ... a preference. I for Italian. And just a preference... Doc's advice is spot on. EZ Welcome to the forvm, son. EZ
Quote: Originally Posted by WallStPeon Frames like those are most likely unisex, as are most plastic frames. I typically wear a black pair of Persols that frame my face nicely, but some girls have tried them on and they look just as good. If it's a good pair of glasses, it'll look good on anyone, male or female...think Wayfarers or classic tortoiseshell frames. I say as long as there isn't pink lettering or anything of the sort to make them truly look...
^ Pretty much this. My buddies tease my about being "GQ" guy. I go along with it, and give them a bad time about other things. They, and very few men I know in real life, have zero interest in talking about clothes other than a passing comment. EZ
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