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Don't know that I'd emulate this exact look, but these guys are young. http://www.rugby.com/shop/item.aspx?...719&cp=3138868 EZ
Quote: Originally Posted by shanks59 I'm after a smart hooded sweatshirt (no zip), any ideas? Post this on the Streetwear & Denim part of this site, you'll probably have better luck. EZ
^ Alright, I can see your point Bradford. To the OP, post this question over in the Streetwear & Denim part of the site. You'll get better answers there. EZ
How will boxers under your jeans look bad, Sir? No one can see them. Nor will they see briefs. Nor will they see if you are commando. I'm confused. If you are sagging your pants, get the hell off my lawn. EZ
Ha, I was going to page LabelKing. Thanks for pulling through! EZ
^ Thank you. No one in their right mind does. EZ
Quote: Originally Posted by jaypee What does that word mean? Excuse me, I'm Australian.. so i'm at a 'disdvantage' Assume you are asking what "ffs" means? You'll find this site handy occasionally. I do, when I have no clue what someone is saying. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=FFS This one is handy too, should you wish to be a smart aleck: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=ffs EZ
^ Oh I can, and do. But hey, more harmless visual stimuli here is fine in my book! Plus, I like Bull's vision... EZ
I vote we have a "Bull Appreciation Thread." Only Bull can post in it. We'll just all look and appreciate. EZ
Quote: Originally Posted by Da Luis Vuitton Don only douchers wear fedoras... i will add that overly baggy clothes look really really bad and me being from an urban area see a lot of this. pants with many cuffs that make it appear as if you are wearing your much taller brothers clothing. The hood uniform- baggy jeans, white over sized T-shirt and random pair of nikes.... Read the title of the thread, Sir. Fedoras are not necessarily "SF...
New Posts  All Forums: