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10 years ago? The following was a little over a year ago before finding SF: Too loose pleated Dockers. Big blousy dress shirts from Macy's. Square toed shoes. Shiny print ties licensed by Jerry Garcia's descendants. Still a ton to learn, but I've found a great tailor, I'm making better choices in style and fit, and I'm enjoying the process immensely... EZ
Quote: Originally Posted by winston I'm not seeing it in either case. Not even remotely. I still think that's TC. EZ
Well done, Sam - hilarious mashup! EZ
AlanC EZ
Jeans, as suggested. Casual clothes. Riding your motorcyle. EZ
^ Please Gentlemen. This is serious, serious business. Serious I tell you. EZ
^ It was rude of me to point out your brief aside to types of dress you dislike besides those that are "Style Forvm Approved." I fell in to the 'ol trap of INTERNET = SERIOUS BUSINESS! Don't EVER deviate from the subject of the thread! Sorry for getting my panties in a bunch over nothing at all, my bad! EZ
Quote: Originally Posted by bleachboy I don't give a fuck what kind of underwear you're wearing, and neither does anybody else. F. Carbera does. EZ
Don't know that I'd emulate this exact look, but these guys are young. EZ
Quote: Originally Posted by shanks59 I'm after a smart hooded sweatshirt (no zip), any ideas? Post this on the Streetwear & Denim part of this site, you'll probably have better luck. EZ
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