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Oh, duh. Says "Sunglassid" right on the photo. Yeah, I kinda like them. Two things: 1. There may be (and likely is) a whole thread or more about sunglass identification. Be sure you do a thorough search. (No doubt you've done this.) 2. Try posting in the Streetwear & Denim part of this site, somone there might know. EZ
I use this site. May or may not help, but worth a try. http://www.sunglassesid.com/ EZ
Quote: Originally Posted by deadly7 Congratulations, sheep. You my friend are the black sheep. EZ
My JAB shirts are skin tight on me. EZ
^ We can be grouchy... http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=211723 However, brush that part off, ignore the snark and learn, grasshopper. I like Poindexter's approach below. EZ
^ What's your question, kitonbrioni? Are you drunk poasting again? EZ
Quote: Originally Posted by sonlegoman I would say things look pretty good. Any criticism is probably verging on nitpicking. I agree. EZ
10 years ago? The following was a little over a year ago before finding SF: Too loose pleated Dockers. Big blousy dress shirts from Macy's. Square toed shoes. Shiny print ties licensed by Jerry Garcia's descendants. Still a ton to learn, but I've found a great tailor, I'm making better choices in style and fit, and I'm enjoying the process immensely... EZ
Quote: Originally Posted by winston I'm not seeing it in either case. Not even remotely. I still think that's TC. EZ
Well done, Sam - hilarious mashup! EZ
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