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Quote: Originally Posted by dragon8 Congrats on the weight loss. Learn from this and move forward. Quote: Originally Posted by Achilles_ If they are nice shirts sell them on B/S here. Congrats on losing the weight! You'll be much happier being trim and fit as opposed to having shirts that fit This and this. Welcome to the forvm, it's a good place to learn. EZ * The "search" function is your best...
Don't know - they look a bit like something Versace would make. Check theirs out. EZ
Quote: Originally Posted by sidewinder13 Sauron? EZ
Gin & Tonic. No lime. EZ
Nope. Don't sympathize. EZ
From time to time. Necropost. EZ
Yo Presto, give me your pager number. EZ
Quote: Originally Posted by HRoi first paragraph lol He's "seeing these big discounts everywhere?" At Jos. A. Bank? C'mon... EZ
Quote: Originally Posted by MarkUK1 What is your problem? No I dont expect an instant responce, did I say that. Your posts are very condascending and presumtious. They might read the email and say yea ok whatever and bin it without helping. Quote: Originally Posted by ter1413 or they might get it tomorrow and respond. i'm a very condascending and presumtious person so piss off if you don't like the responses! = ...
Quote: Originally Posted by pebblegrain this thread rocks We rock. On a Saturday night a man is trying to figure out what a certain pair of sunglasses are. A man is trying to help him find them. A man is reading about the man trying to help the original man. We need to get out more. EZ
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