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Drinking a local Widmer Hefeweizen at the moment. Just read that I live in the city with the most breweries in the world... This makes me very, very happy.
Glenlivet 12, post work.
Double post.
Highland Park 12
Thank you. Just bought a bottle last night, I love it. Way more complex than the Glenlivet, and I like the slightly smoky finish.
I am in the very early ages of exploring Scotch, just bought my first bottle of Glenlivet. I really like it, but want to branch out and explore others. Was thinking of trying a Highland Park 12 year, as it sounds like this is a nice bridge in to some peat & smoke without going full speed in to a Laphroig or such. Thoughts?
A dram of The Glenlivet. This is the first bottle of Scotch I've ever purchased. Loving it.
Quote: Originally Posted by aphextwin07 can't go wrong with aviators I like 'em myself. RayBan is the classic, and they make a ton of shapes and styles. I find they work with everything from a suit to jeans. If you don't like the logo on the lens, it will easily scratch off with a penny. I just did this with a new pair - it won't damage the lens. EZ
Quote: Originally Posted by PandArts Cheers! You know that's what I was thinking to myself this morning I've been toying with the idea that, know that I've found my stride, to hang up my SF spurs and quit hoggin' all the bandwidth ... Quote: Originally Posted by JKMWCL ^^ No, no - don't quit posting, people need that classic style inspiration! Agree with the response! Although I don't post here and rarely...
Good stuff - keep this thread up! EZ
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