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Agreed, won't do so.
I use trees for all my dress shoes. That being said, some day I'm going to buy two pair of the same shoe and use trees in one and not in the other. I'll post pix after a year. I'm curious just how much they really do help with the life of the shoe.
The Shawshank Redemption
Well, got a verbal offer today, written to come later this week. Thank you to each of you who replied! Very helpful! E.
Yes, was planning on doing so and did today. The hiring manager emailed back not long after and told me a decision likely be made by the end of next week.Thanks again to each of you for your tips.
Okay, all done as of today. Went through a series of 5 interviews, most with two senior managers. Thanks for all the tips, guys. I felt it went well overall. I didn't ask about any other final candidates, as I feel like that is out of my control and the best approach is to focus on presenting myself as well as possible, which I did. In light of that, I feel good about it all went and feel I have a great shot. Of course they may have someone who has more experience, etc,...
Managing the event department of a large hotel. I'm currently employed by the company, this is to a larger property and larger role.
Thanks again for the tips, guys. I fly out tomorrow for the interview. I'll keep you posted.
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