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Preach it. Yeah the CS is available here at my local spot, so will give it a try. Thanks for the recommend.
Will do thanks. I think I'll try the Laphroaig 10 next. Might follow that with Ardbeg 10.I'm finding I really like the peat/smoke flavors of the Islay malts.
Thanks guys. I think I want to work in to the Islay brands next, Lagavulin is on the list for sure. Keep the suggestions coming.
Thanks for the suggestion. I can probably find the 18 somewhere here in the Seattle area.
Just bought my first bottle of Talisker 10. I'm a noob, started with Glenlivet, then to Highland Park, (which I really liked) and now the Talisker. Loving the taste of the Talisker - tastes like leather and smoke, with a long finish. Suggestions for my next bottle?
Not too far down to Seattle, ours just opened.
Agreed, won't do so.
I use trees for all my dress shoes. That being said, some day I'm going to buy two pair of the same shoe and use trees in one and not in the other. I'll post pix after a year. I'm curious just how much they really do help with the life of the shoe.
New Posts  All Forums: