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I have the dark grey, and it's a charcoal colored, definitely not black.
Purple line has nicer fabrics, usually come from other mills than the blue line.
I have two of theirs, both Napoli fit. I wear them regularly for work and have found the quality to be great for the price point. I plan on buying a few more down the road as I replace other suits.
Preach it. Yeah the CS is available here at my local spot, so will give it a try. Thanks for the recommend.
Will do thanks. I think I'll try the Laphroaig 10 next. Might follow that with Ardbeg 10.I'm finding I really like the peat/smoke flavors of the Islay malts.
Thanks guys. I think I want to work in to the Islay brands next, Lagavulin is on the list for sure. Keep the suggestions coming.
Thanks for the suggestion. I can probably find the 18 somewhere here in the Seattle area.
Just bought my first bottle of Talisker 10. I'm a noob, started with Glenlivet, then to Highland Park, (which I really liked) and now the Talisker. Loving the taste of the Talisker - tastes like leather and smoke, with a long finish. Suggestions for my next bottle?
Not too far down to Seattle, ours just opened.
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